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Canada Things To Do : There are so many Canada adventures covering a wide range of four season activites and attractions. Since Canada has the most natural lakes in the world and holds over 50% of all world lakes water adventures do well here. However, Canada also ranked 3rd in "largest forests in the world" so we do well with trails and back country adventures too. We have it all. We have the seasons and we have the geography. 

Summer and Winter Canada Things To Do

Our Canadian summers are spectacular for mountain biking, golfing, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting and so much more. Our winter season creates some of the best ski hills on the continent for downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, as well as, our winter back country regions are home to dog sledding, cross country and snowmobile trails. Ice fishing is also enjoyed during our months of ice and icicles.

canada things to do

Canada Things To Do  

Our peak summer adventure seasons are best enjoyed from June to August. The winter peak season, heavily depends on location, however in many instances it is most enjoyed from November to March. The fastest growing season to explore Canada adventures is in the low season when crowds are smaller and prices are less. Therefore, April and May and September are considered low season months to visit. However, because it varies per region, it is important to contact accommodations and adventure companies, as some do close in the low and winter seasons. 

Planning Park Adventures

Canada things to do in our regional, territorial, provincial and national parks varies per region and by the activities available in the park. Please refer to our parks and historic site page to begin your research on availability of parks. 


Canadian Attractions & Canada Things To Do

Search by Province or Territory for adventures, attractions and things to do. 

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Enjoy our Canada attractions and things to do

Backpacking in Canada

Backpacking in Canada adventure, tours, guides and wilderness resorts. Follow historic pioneer routes, shorelines, lakes, mountain ridges, alpine valleys, heritage rivers, glaciers...

Birding in Canada

Birdwatching in Canada

Birdwatching and Birding in Canada includes hundreds of species of waterfowl, song birds, shorebirds, marine birds and predator birds. Canada is a top birding destination.

Backcountry Skiing

Canada Backcountry Skiing

Canada backcountry skiing, heli skiing and cat skiing is very popular in the mountain ranges. Come ski the wilderness mountains of Canada.

Boating in Canada

Canada Boating & Sailing

Canada boating and sailing charters available in Canada are some of the best in the world for wildlife sightings, fishing and exploring rugged wilderness scenery.

Canoeing in Canada

Canada Canoeing Routes & Guides

Canada canoeing guides, tours, and rentals in every province and territory in Canada enjoys a selection of canoe waterways ranging from very difficult to easy.

Cross Country Skiing in Canada

Canada Cross Country Skiing

Canada cross country skiing is enjoyed on community pathways and backcountry trails in many regions.

Discover the outdoors by dogsled.

Canada Dog Sledding Tours

The majority of Canada dog sledding tours are located in the northern parts of British Columbia, the Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.

I'd rather be fishing

Canada Fishing Guides & Charters

Canada fishing guides are some of the best in the world. Come fish our oceans for salmon, tuna and halibut. Plan your next fishing trip fly fishing or trolling our lakes and rivers for trout, northern pike, sturgeon, pickerel, walleye, arctic char and bass. Book a Canadian fishing guide.

Flightseeing Tours

Canada Flightseeing & Air Tours

Canada Flightseeing & Air Tours provide opportunities to view glaciers, waterfalls, wildlife, mountain ranges, remote parks, historic sites, hot springs, islands and lakes and rivers.

Book a Golf Vacation in Canada

Canada Golf Courses

Canada golf courses and golfing vacations enjoyed in Canada. in many parts of the country golfing is one of the most popular summer time activities for vacationing adults. Plan your Canada golf course vacation today.

Popular Hiking Trails

Canada Hiking Trails

Canada hiking trails and walking paths are numbering in the thousands. There are community hiking paths and hiking trails leading deep into the wilderness backcountry of Canada. Choose the region, discover the adventure.

Come horseback riding. Whoohoo!

Canada Horseback Riding Tours

Canada horseback riding tours, outfitters, guides and guest ranches. Come and explore our Canadian horseback riding trails, grasslands, mountain passes, rivers and deactivated wagon and spur roads.

Ice Fishing in Canada

Canada Ice Fishing

Canada Ice fishing tours, rentals and guides are available in every province and territory, where the rivers and lakes freeze over during the winter season.

Kayak Tours & Adventures in Canada

Canada Kayaking Tours

Canada kayaking tours, guides and resorts operating on many of the major Canadian rivers, lakes and oceans providing, both, day and multi-day paddle adventures.

Mountain Biking in Canada

Canada Mountain Biking

Canada mountain biking tours, guides, rentals and resorts are in abundance in Canada. The many mountains, forests and vast wilderness regions provides an ideal terrain for mountain biking.

Aurora Borealis

Canada Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Canada - Canada Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon attracting travelers to the northern regions of Canada in anticipation of catching a glimpse of these dancing lights which illuminate the northern skies in a rainbow of hues and colours.

ATV Tours

Canada Off Roading Tours

Canada off roading tours. Canadian ATV, Jeep and 4x4 adventures provide visitors an opportunity to explore Canada's wilderness. Many off road guides and tours provide experience, reliable equipment, riding lessons and meals. Book today.

Rafting Adventures

Canada Rafting Tours

Canada rafting tours and guides. Every province and territory in Canada enjoys a selection of rivers ideal for guided and self guided rafting adventures ranging from very difficult to easy, from day paddles to multi day adventures.

Rock Climbing in Canada

Canada Rock Climbing

Canada rock climbing, cragging, bouldering and mountaineering. Top rock climbing destinations in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and the Yukon Territory.

Come Diving

Canada Scuba Diving

Canada scuba diving tours, guides and adventures in the ocean waters and fresh water lakes of Canada. Many dive sites are considered historic dive sites exploring shipwrecks and artificial reefs. Book your scuba tour today. 

Downhill Skiing

Canada Ski Resorts

Canada ski resorts are well known for their quality powder snow and ski facilities. Many ranked in the top 10 ski destinations in the World.

Sledding in Canada

Canada Snowmobiling and Sledding

Canada snowmobiling and sledding adventures are enjoyed anywhere in Canada where the snow falls during the winter and early spring months. There are plenty of communities who provide snowmobile and sledding tours and participate in snowmobile events.

Put on some snowshoes

Canada Snowshoeing

Canada snowshoeing tour companies are experienced in the backcountry. Tours provide lessons, equipment and guides who are trained in first aid and avalanche survival skills.

Oceanfront Spa

Canada Spa Vacations

Canada spa vacations at Canadian resorts and retreats provide top quality treatments with award winning views and scenery. Spas and wellness centres provide an opportunity to relax and be pampered while visiting Canada in any season.

Canada Storm Watching

Canada Storm Watching

Canad storm watching is best enjoyed during the fall, winter and spring seasons in the provinces of British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland


Canada Surfing

Canada surfing adventures are enjoyed on the west coast and east coast of Canada as well as on some of our fresh water lakes and rivers. Plan & book your next surfing adventure with our participating businesses.

Whale Watching in Canada

Canada Whale Watching Tours

Canada whale watching tours and sightings are found on all three coasts of Canada. Whale sightings may also include walrus, seal, dolphin and vast array of seabirds. Book your tour with our participating tour companies. 

Wildlife Viewing

Canada Wildlife Tours

Canada wildlife tours and sightseeing guides provide the knowledge and experience for viewing black bears, Grizzly, moose and more. Canada wildlife tours and guides are available in every province and territory.

A Canadian Vineyard

Canada Wineries Tours

Canada wineries, vineyards and wine tours are located throughout Canada.  Attending wine tours, wine tasting and events are popular activities in Canada.

Road Cycling in Canada

Cycling in Canada

Cycle Tours and Biking Trips enjoyed throughout Canada on our many highways and backcountry paved roads. Canada bike routes ideal for cycling that are attracting cyclists from all around the world.

Historical Sites in Canada

Historical Sites in Canada

Discover our historical sites & museums and experience our Canadian history at any of our national, provincial, territorial, community museums, historical sites, heritage buildings and historic parks.

Shuswap Houseboat

Houseboat Rentals in Canada

Houseboat rentals in Canada are available on some of our largest and most scenic lakes across Canada.  Many rentals are located on very specific lakes permitting houseboating adventures.  

Beaches in Canada

Sandy Beaches in Canada

So many sandy beaches in Canada in many regions of our country. The local, easily accessible sandy beaches are destinations for relaxation, popular events and activities. Many include concession food stands, picnic areas, docks, life guards, volleyball nets, playgrounds, showers and washrooms.

Sightseeing Tours in Canada

Sightseeing tours in Canada come in many forms including train, bus, boat and air.  Allow our Canadian guides and tour operators to lead you to some of the most popular sites, eateries, entertainment and scenery in the region.

Canada Snowboarding Adventure

Snowboarding in Canada

Snowboarding in Canada is world famous for its many ski hills, snowboard parks, high elevation mountains and our world famous champagne powder snow

Heritage Sites & Villages

Unique Attractions in Canada

Unique attractions in Canada. These are miscellaneous attractions that are not included in other categories. Carriage rides, walking tours, and more.

Wind Sports in Canada

Wind sports in Canada includes wind surfing kitesurfing kiteboarding paragliding hang-gliding ice boating parachuting air ballooning. Book your adventure today.