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Canada backpacking adventures are some of the most talked about backpacking experiences in the world. Some Canadian backpacking routes are on the cover of magazines and on TOP 10 lists! Canada backpacking can be enjoyed in every season in many parts of of the country.

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Hiking Seasons

However, most Canadian backpacking adventures are planned during the spring, summer and fall seasons. There are backpacking adventures following historic pioneer routes, ocean shorelines, chain of lakes, mountain ridges, alpine valleys, forests, heritage rivers, glaciers and more.

Wilderness Camping

In Canada many long haul backpacking adventures lead to wilderness campsites. In many cases the routes are well marked with signage, flags, rock piles and/or tree markers. Along each route are designated campgrounds.

Many of the wilderness campgrounds include tent pads, pit toilets and food caches. Backpackers need to be cautious in the Canadian wilderness and be alert at all times and, at no time,should backpackers make contact with wildlife.

Plan Your Adventure

There are self guided and tour groups providing backpacking adventures in Canada. Good planning, good equipment and survival skills are all a must for any self guided backpacking adventure.

Newbie? Go With a Group or Hire a Guide

For the less experienced hiker there are backpacking tour groups and guiding companies located throughout the country. Most tours and guides are located in areas where backpacking trails are high in numbers. Tour groups and guides provide, in many cases, the transportation to and from the trailhead, the equipment, all meals and an experienced interpretive guide.

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Canada Backpacking

Some Canada Backpacking Tips

- prepare for all weather conditions. Weather changes fast in Canada.
- always pack plastic bags or wrap with you to keep clothes dry.
- always let someone know your trip plan.
- never approach or feed wildlife.
- do not bite off more than you can chew. Plan trips based on your fitness level and experience.
- pack your backpack from light to heavy from the bottom up so to take less weight on your shoulders.
- always wear good hiking boots.
- flip batteries around so it does not turn on while in your pack and when you need it the batteries are dead.
- always carry a lighter or water proof matches.
- bring clothes so you can dress in layers.
- when hiking in bear country... move together as a group and keep talking so bears know you are coming.
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