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Canada resorts, lodges, guest ranches and retreats are located throughout each province and territory. Resorts and retreats vary greatly in location, size, price, packages, amenities and services.

Canada resorts and retreats are very location specific. Some are located in a remote picturesque setting while others are located centrally in an urban environment close to services in full view of the public.

Some Canada resorts and retreats cater to a specific group of travelers. For example... there are small family run resorts with 8 cottages providing kayak tours and there are multi national corporate resorts with business facilities providing hundreds of guest rooms.

Some of the types of specialty resorts and retreats in Canada include Horseback Riding Guest Ranches, Spa Clubs, Outdoor Wilderness Resorts, Health Retreats, Golf Course Resorts, Fishing Lodges, Hot Spring Retreats, Scuba Dive Resorts, Business Retreats, Mountain Ski Hill Resorts, Snowmobile Resorts and many others.

Some of the extras that Canada resorts and retreats may provide include access to spas, restaurants, bars, golf courses, tours, guides, marinas, ski hill, conference facilities, banquet rooms, sports equipment rentals, casino, theatres, gift shops, coffee shops, room service, car rentals, liquor stores, multi-media rooms, swimming pools and workout rooms.


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Canada Resorts, Retreats and Lodge Accommodation Booking Tips

- confirm what is the price of the accommodation with taxes included?
- confirm what exactly is included in your package?
- confirm travel arrangements coming and going from resort?
- confirm if transportation to and from airports, ferries, etc is provided on arrival? (if necessary)
- book any activities and attractions prior to your arrival to avoid disappointment.
- pack proper clothes and sporting toys for booked activities.
- confirm if parking is free or paid? Is it underground or outdoor parking? Is there security?
- confirm what amenities are included that are important to you? tub not shower, balcony, jacuzzi tub, internet, room fridge, satellite tv, size of beds?
- ask about a special price for extended nights? (if applicable)

- and please mention you saw their Resort, Lodge, Guest Ranch or Lodge on


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