Cross Country Skiing in Canada

Canada Alpine Clubs play a big part in the devlopment of Nordic Skiing, XC Skiing in Canada

Nordic skiing is a recreational activity. However, in some parts of Canada, it is considered transportation during the winter season

Cross Country Skiing in Canada is, both, a recreational activity and a means of transportation during the winter season for many communities who enjoy heavy snowfall during the winter season. Canada xc skiing provides a great opportunity for sightseeing as a visitor and as a local. Canada alpine and nordic centres provide some of the easily, most accessable, winter scenery in Canada for the cross country skier. 

Canada XC Skiing - Cross Country Skiing in Canada

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Cross Country Ski Nordic Centres

In Canada, recreational cross country ski trails, are best enjoyed at any of the many nordic ski resorts and ski clubs in Canada. These Canadian ski clubs maintain the rural community xc ski trails for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. The bigger winter ski and snow destinations, however, they go big with full service nordic centres. 

Canada Cross Country Ski Resorts

Cross country skiing in Canada gets easier at the larger Canadian ski resorts. The lower slopes at some of these ski mountains are designated trails designed for xc skiers. These ski and snowboard resorts maintain ski trails well and, as a bonus,  provide equipment, lessons, accommodations, restaurants and entertainment.

Backcountry xc skiing in Canada

The most roughest trails to xc ski are the rural and small community snow covered backcountry gravel roads, spur roads, community pathways and backcountry trails. And after the snow falls and the temperatures drop the rivers and lakes in Canada will freeze over and many become cross country ski routes as well. 

XC Ski Lodges

The remote xc ski adventure is best experienced by staying with a wilderness backcountry resort, lodge or retreat. Many tucked away in the deep confines of a forest. The xc trails are remote and the winter scenery is straight out of a postcard. Most cross country skiing resorts provide guides, lessons, equipment, accommodations and meals. 

Cross Country Ski Retail Stores

In prime cross country ski destinations there are communities which cater to the cross country ski industry. These ski shops provide rentals, clothing and equipment. Other options to consider are the Nordic lodges and ski hills which, in most cases, are also a good source for equipment rentals, ski information and lessons. 

Cross Country Skiing in Canada

Some Canada Cross Country Skiing Tips

- always cross country ski within your abilities.
- confirm that lessons and rentals are available if need be.
- research your xc ski destination (ski hill, nordic centre or backcountry lodge) as per your preferences.
- bring sunglasses and ski goggles as the snow reflects light making it very bright on the eyes.
- xc ski in groups, so there is some conversation.
- try to ski with someone who knows what they are doing for tips on xc skiing.
- do not ski under the influence of alcohol.
- dress slightly warmer than if you were heading out for a winter run. Do not over dress.
- bring dry clothes for a change of clothes at the end of the day.
- carry a lightweight backpack packed with water, snacks, tissues, a camera and cell phone.
- pack electronics in plastic bag for protection from snow and wet conditions.
- pack lip balm for chap lips.
- lock your vehicle when out skiing.

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