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Cycling the highways, country roads and secondary paved roads in Canada

Canada cycle tours and road cycling provides an excellent opportunity to sightsee the country via our highways, country roads and paved streets. Throughout Canada, there are many popular cycle routes. However, some are loop routes, and many are one way routes.  In Canada there are many highways and backcountry paved roads ideal for cycling that are attracting cyclists from all around the world.

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Planning Canada Cycle Tours

When planning your road cycle route in Canada research is key so to maximize sightseeing opportunities, bike rest stops and overnight accommodations if you are embarking on a multi day bike ride. When riding within city limits, there are usually bike paths one can access to avoid traffic and, in many cases, connect to the local greenways and parks. Therefore, with proper research, one will not miss any sights, services and opportunities for (phone) cell reception. Be reminded that cell service is sketchy in many rural areas.

Popular Cycle Touring Routes

In Canada there are many cycle road routes which grace the cover of magazines and are deemed top quality. Some of the most talked about road cycle routes vary from day trips to multi-day adventures. Some of the most worthy biking trips to take in Canada includes Kettle Valley Railway Trail in British Columbia, Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island, Viking Trail in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as, some island hopping biking throughout the Gulf Islands in British Columbia.

Cycling Resources

Canada cycling communities often have local cycling clubs which may be able to provide route maps and local cycling information. Another good source of information are the local cycle shops for route information and for servicing any repairs a cyclist may require during a long ride. The best source for a safe cycling experience in Canada are the tour companies. And throughout Canada there are a few cycle guides and touring companies providing day rides and long haul tours. Then if you require some additional reading, one can also refer to Canadian Cycling Magazine

Canada Biking Tours and Guides

Canada cycle tours and guides provide a complete cycling experience with all the arrangements already in place. Some tours and guides require that you bring your own bike while others have a selection of bikes on site as part of their inventory. However, some of the extras cycling companies may, or may not, provide on long haul rides include an itinerary, meals, accommodations, attractions, entertainment, transportation and support van. 

Cycle Tours in Canada

Biking Canadian Roads and Highways


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Some Canada Cycling Tips

- bring hat, sunglasses and sun screen.
- bring camera and binoculars.
- watch for vehicles on major highways
- wear a helmet at all times while cycling.
- always lock vehicle in parking lot staging area while cycling.
- always pack a spare tire and pump.
- hang backpacks when on overnight cycle trips to avoid attracting bears.
- know your cycle route and plan your route based on your fitness level.
- contact cycle clubs for joining group rides.
- check weather prior to cycling.
- always pack rain gear on long haul cycle tours.
- use biking lanes when provided.
- pack a waterproof flashlight.
- do not litter on the highways.

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