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Canada scuba diving is best enjoyed in the oceans on the west and east coast of Canada and in some of the larger lakes in Alberta and Ontario. The ocean waters in Canada are said to be some of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.

Ocean Diving

The ocean waters off of each coast in Canada provide some amazing underwater scenery. There are hundreds of marine species to observe like fish, seals, whales, sharks, octopus, wolf eels, seal lions, crabs and more.

The peak time for Canada scuba diving is during the fall season when the visibility is at its best. However, scuba diving tours, guides and lodges operate from early spring to late fall.

Historic Dive Sites

On both Canadian coasts and on the Great Lakes of Ontario are many historic dive sites which explore shipwrecks and artificial reefs. In some cases, ships have sunk naturally and in other cases local dive operators have organized sinkings of stripped down boats and planes for scuba diving purposes.

Scuba Diving Guides, Shops and Resorts

Canada scuba diving tours and guides operate from local community dive shops and remote ocean resorts. Dive shops tend to offer day dives while resorts offer scuba diving multi day adventures.

Both dive shops and lodges provide equipment, lessons and a guide. Scuba diving resorts, may also provide accommodations, meals, transportation and entertainment as part of a dive package.

Some Canada Scuba Diving Tips

Canada Scuba Diving

- dive to your abilities only.
- always pre check equipment prior to a dive.
- never dive along.
- always stay calm under water.
- always stay rational when diving and make good decisions.
- be familiar with underwater signals.
- trust your dive buddy.
- dive only when you’re ears and sinuses are clear.
- always improve your swimming skills.
- beginners should always take many lessons.
- have a pre dive plan.
- avoid deep dives in a row in a short period of time.
- know the signs and symptoms of decompression illness.
- check weather prior to every dive.

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