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Canada kayaking tours, guides, resorts, rentals and adventures are provided and enjoyed on many of our Canadian waterways. Canadian rivers, lakes and oceans are all kayaking destinations here in Canada. However, the difficulty level varies for each waterway and therefore requires the experience of a guide and tour company for beginners. For experienced self-guided kayakers, proper planning is required. Researching lake, river and ocean routes on this website is a good start. 

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Canada Kayaking Tour Seasons

Canada kayaking can be enjoyed in every season in some areas of Canada. However, as a general rule, kayaking is best enjoyed during the months of April to October. Each Canada kayak experience is different and requires a unique set of water skills.  

Kayaking Waterways in Canada

Ocean, river and lake kayaking tours all provide a unique experience and challenges. Sea (Ocean) kayaking involves challenging tides, undertow currents, ocean swells, unpredictable weather, wayward driftwood logs, beach landings and launches. River kayaking involves white water rapids, submerged boulders, floating trees, put ins and take out points. Lake kayaking includes swells, heavy winds, boat traffic and unpredictable weather.

Types of Canada Kayaking Tours

Every province and territory in Canada enjoys a selection of kayak waterways ranging from very difficult to easy. Some waterways connect together forming long haul, overnight kayak routes with wilderness camping. Other kayak paddle routes are shorter and are designed for 1/2 day to full day trips.

Self Guided Kayaking Tours

There are many opportunities for self guided and guided kayaking adventures. With a little bit of research, the proper equipment and some route preparation an experienced kayaker can plan a self guided kayak adventure anywhere in Canada.

Kayaking Tours in Canada

For the less experienced, there are Canada kayaking tour groups and resorts operating on many of the major Canadian rivers, lakes and oceans providing, both, day and multi-day paddle adventures. Canada kayak tours and guides provide knowledge and experience to every adventure. Less accomplished kayakers are encouraged to book with a kayak group. The guides and tour operators provide the kayak equipment, lessons and a guide on most paddle trips.

Canada Kayaking Tours


Canada Kayaking Tours, Guides and Paddle Routes

Some Canada Kayaking Tips

- bring hat, sunglasses and sun screen.
- beginners on ocean and river should all kayak in tours for safety reasons.
- research kayak tours and guides for the perfect adventure for your group.
- rentals available at most major parks.
- kayak tour companies provide equipment, guides and accommodations.
- pack water proof matches and lighter.
- beginners should all take lessons.
- always lock vehicle in parking lot while kayaking.
- outfitter stores are a good source for kayaking advice.
- know your limits on the water.
- make sure to secure kayak with good knots when exploring on shore.
- dress in layers as weather changes quickly out on the water.
- wear bright colors so you are easily identifiable on the water.
- consider purchasing dry bags for keeping equipment dry.
- do not litter on the water.