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Aurora Borealis - Need we say more!Get lucky at a Yukon, Casino
Aurora Borealis - Need we say more!
Get lucky at a Yukon, Casino

Yukon Territories ( YT ) Adventure Guide

Yukon Territories, Canada Travel, Tourism and Adventure Website

Plan your next adventure vacation in the Yukon Territories Canada.

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The Yukon Territories is the land of the midnight sun. Directly to the south of the Yukon is the Liard River Basin and to the north is the Arctic Circle. To the east is the Mackenzie Mountain Range and to the west are the Ogilvie, St Elias and Dawson Mountain Ranges.

Capital City of the Yukon Territories Canada

The capital of the Yukon Territories is the City of Whitehorse (aka The Wilderness City). It is the largest city in the northern regions of Canada and is located at the 918 mile marker on the Alaska Highway. 

Yukon Territories, Canada Highlights

The Alaska Highway (top rated destination route for RVing); the Northern Lights- Aurora Borealis (best viewing time between August and April); daylight hours (about 260 hours of sunshine in June and only 25 hours in December); Yukon Quest (1000 mile dog sled competition); there are approx. 50,000 moose, 10,000 black bears and 4,500 wolves in the Yukon and about 80% of the Yukon is still considered wilderness country

Featured Parks, Trails and Places of Interest in the Yukon Territories, Canada

Kluane National Park (Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak); Ivvavik (protected calving area for the northern Porcupine Caribou Herd); Carcross Desert (world's smallest desert measuring 260 hectares); Dempster Highway (the only highway to cross into the Arctic Circle in North America); and the Yukon River (4th longest river in North America-3,520 kms). 

Come explore the Yukon Territories (YT) Canada adventures, activities and history.


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