Canada Wildlife Tours, Guides

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Canada wildlife is often the main attraction in many tourism communities. Some wildlife species are easily viewed while other species require experience, knowledge and persistence to find and view.

Canada wildlife sightseeing is enjoyed as a self guided adventure and on guided tours with an interpretive guide. Canada wildlife tours and guides are available in every province and territory in Canada.

What varies per tour is the wildlife, season and the mode of transportation. Most of the summer tours and guides operate during the peak tourism seasons from early spring to late fall. Most popular wildlife tours include whale, grizzly and black bear tours.

Many of the winter wildlife tours begin in December and run through to April. The polar bear tours and whale tours are the most popular winter guided tours. Much of the touring schedule for wildlife tours is based on the availability of the wildlife, weather and geography.

There are many opportunities for wildlife sightings on, both, self guided and guided tours. Wildlife sightings are often recorded while enjoying self guided activities like hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, boating and mountain biking. However, wildlife sightings are not as guaranteed as they would be on a guided tour.

Guided wildlife tours include an interpretive guide, transportation and dry suits (if necessary on marine tours). Guided tours operate from many of the communities located close to the habitat of a specific species of wildlife. Transportation for wildlife tours varies according to the type of wildlife and terrain.

Marine wildlife like whale tours are enjoyed while on board a boat, zodiac or floatplane. Black bear and grizzly tours are enjoyed while riding atvs, buses... plus boats and floatplanes. Polar bears are viewed best while flying in a plane and while riding in a large polar cat or tundra buggy.

Some Canada Wildlife Tips

Canada Wildlife Tours and Guides

- never feed or approach wildlife.
- research wildlife tours per your preferences.
- make sounds when hiking in the wilderness to alert wildlife you are approaching.
- tours and guides are a good source for wildlife sightseeing.
- there are tours for marine, bird and land wildlife viewing.
- many tours provide transportation and equipment for wildlife viewing.
- bring a camera and video.
- always listen to the instructions of the guides.
- dress in layers to adjust for changes in the weather.
- wildlife viewing can be self guided while enjoying other activities like backpacking, camping, hiking, kayaking and canoeing.
- some wildlife are protected in provincial and national parks.
- some wilderness areas are protected as Wildlife Management Areas.
- some wildlife species are endangered and protected in wildlife sanctuaries.