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Golf Vacations

Canada golf courses populate the country in every province and territory. Some provinces number in the hundreds of golf courses. Golfing in many parts of the country is one of the most popular summer time activities for vacationing adults.

There are golf courses for all levels of play in many of the provinces. There are 9 hole courses, 18 hole courses, 36 hole courses, golf schools, driving ranges and putting greens.

Some higher end Canada golfing destinations receive regular media exposure and are rated as top golf courses in Canada and in North America.

The weather plays a big part in the length of the golfing season in Canada. Some mild regions of Canada enjoy a year round golfing season. However, once the weather cooperates the golfing season opens. In general the peak months for golfing are from April to October.

Canada golf courses vary greatly in quality, price and quantity of services. There are basic 9 hole "pitch and putt" courses and there are high end golfing resorts.

Most of the basic to medium golf courses provide club rentals and golf carts. The larger golf courses contain many more extras like a restaurant, pro shop, accommodations, banquet rooms, internet, driving range, golf lessons and pubs.

Canada Golf Courses

Some Canada Golfing Tips

- research various types of golf courses as prices vary.
- book early to avoid disappointment.
- check your golf bag for all essentials prior to arrival.
- pack a hat, sunscreen, umbrella and rain gear.
- avoid peak golfing times.
- avoid golfing during the hottest times of the day.
- pack liquids while golfing.
- always be courteous to other golfers.
- go to the bathroom prior to golfing.
- arrive an hour early prior to tee time for practice and for the possibility of starting earlier due to cancellations.
- please replace the pin once completed the whole.
- do not attempt your approach shot while people are on the greens.
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