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The Province of Ontario is a top destination for adventures and vacations for many who travel Canada. It is the 3rd largest province covering more than 1 million square kilometres and accounting for nearly 40% of Canada's population!

Capital City of Ontario Canada

Ottawa is the Capital of Canada, and the largest city in Canada. Toronto is the Capital City of Ontario. The north of Ontario is home to a wilderness environment full of forests, lakes, wildlife and adventure. The south of Ontario is the cultural and the business centre and commercial hub of the province.

Ontario ( Ont ) Canada Highlights

The Northern Ontario region is popular for many outdoor wilderness adventures including such summer favorites as hiking, camping, canoeing, birding, wildlife watching and fishing, as well as, winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and ice fishing.

The Southern Ontario region, where over 90% of the population lives, attracts more travelers who are interested in wineries, night life, theatre, art, museums, golf, history and culinary dishes. In fact, Toronto has the largest selection of theatres, museums and performing arts companies in Ontario, only second to New York, USA in North America.

Interesting Facts about Ontario, Canada

Ontario Canada has many interesting geographical features including 70% of the Canadian Shield. Ontario is home to over 250,000 lakes and over 100,000+ kilometres of rivers; 1/5th of the world's fresh surface is called the "Great Lakes of Ontario" which include Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The highest elevation is Ishpatina Ridge in Temagami, Ontario which measures out at 693 metres (2,274 ft) above sea level. Travel to Manitoulin Island, located on Georgian Bay. It is the world's largest freshwater island measuring 2,766 square kilometres (1,068 square miles) and over 66% of Ontario is considered forested land.

Featured Parks, Trails and Places of Interest in Ontario, Canada

Some of the unique and more popular Ontario activity destinations and natural attractions include Ontario’s first provincial park, Algonquin Provincial Park, which was established in 1893; Niagara Falls; Bonnechere Caves (Eganville, Ont.); Ouimet Canyon (Dorion, Ont.); Bruce Peninsula National Park (Tobermory, Ont.); the Rideau Canal and the Trent–Severn Waterway.

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Sandpoint Beach Ontario
Sandpoint Beach Ontario

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Top Places To Stay in Ontario, Canada
Place To Stay in Ontario, Canada

Places to Stay in Ontario

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Bruce Trail Grotta - Ontario Parks & Trails
Bruce Trail Grotta - Ontario Parks & Trails

Ontario Parks & Trails

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