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Canada mountain biking is a popular spring, summer and fall activity in every province and territory in Canada.

The abundance of mountains, forests and vast wilderness regions in and around the city limits of many Canadian communities provides many opportunities for mountain biking. Some communities have developed mountain biking parks and some ski mountains transform into mountain bike parks.

Many communities have bike shops, hold biking events and cater to bike clubs. A lot of communities have or are currently developing community bike paths and mountain bike parks.

Backcountry Biking

For many riders, mountain biking is best enjoyed in the wilderness regions of the country following recreation trails and gravel roads. Mountain biking on recreation trails requires caution as many trails are shared routes with hikers, backpackers, horseback riders and atvs. On gravel roads watch for large vehicles and 4x4s.

Mountain Bike Resorts

During the summer months many of the ski hills transform themselves into mountain bike resorts. The ski runs become downhill mountain biking trails. The chair lifts carry mountain bikes and riders instead of skiers and snowboarders. Bring your own bike if you have one. If not, mountain bike rentals are available on most ski hills and in many of the medium to large mountain biking communities in Canada.

Mountain Bike Tours

Canada mountain biking tour groups operate in a few regions in Canada. Most of them are found near the very popular mountain biking destinations. Tour groups include a guide, bike, lessons, body armour and meals if necessary. Tours and guides are good for beginners and intermediate mountain bikers as they usually include detailed lessons with lots of instruction.


Canada Mountain Biking

Some Canada Mountain Biking Tips

always wear a helmet.
- bring sunglasses and sun screen.
- pack bug repellant.
- if renting a bike you should practice shifting gears prior to heading out on the
- look ahead while riding not down so you can see rocks and obstacles.
- rentals available at most major communities.
- mountain bike tour companies provide equipment, guides and
- always lock vehicle in parking lot while mountain biking
- bike stores are a good source for mountain biking advice.
- walk bike if you are not sure on your skills for challenging sections.
- always lock your mountain bike when unattended.
- dress in layers as weather changes quickly out on the trails.
- wear bright colors so you are easily identifiable.
- do not litter on the water.
- mountain bike trails are sometimes shared with hikers and horseback riders

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