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Canada River Rafting

Canada rafting adventures on Canadian rivers can be enjoyed in every season but are most popular during the spring, summer and fall.

Some Canadian Rivers are low flow rivers and are safe to raft on a self guided adventure. Tour companies with qualified guides are the best bet for rafting white water rivers with extreme currents and rocks.

Where To Go Rafting in Canada

Every province and territory in Canada enjoys a selection of rafting rivers ranging from very difficult to easy. Most major Canadian river rafting companies operate in communities located near the most popular rafting rivers.

When Is The Best Time for Rafting In Canada

During the spring season the water levels on Canadian rivers are at their highest. The spring is when the river is at its roughest and most challenging. In the summer the rivers are at their lowest water level. The summer is when the river is at its calmest.

Types of Rafting Tours

Qualified rafting guides know the moods of the rivers and the obstacles faced when rafting like navigating white water rapids, take-out and put-in points on the river, avoiding submerged boulders, waterfalls and floating debris.

Canada rafting tour companies provide day trips and multi day trips on the rivers. Multi day trips may include wilderness camping, meals, lessons, equipment, transportation and, sometimes, entertainment and accommodation.

Rafting tours and guides know the rivers well, have been trained on the rivers and are your lifeline while on the rivers. Interpretive guides are well prepared for weather, river emergencies and first aid.

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Canada River Rafting

Some Canada River Rafting Tips

- research tour groups for your river rafting preferences and safety record.
- ask questions about what is included in your river rafting package.
- inform others of your departure and arrival times when self guided rafting.
- always wear a life jacket.
- always listen carefully to your guide when on major rafting rivers.
- never go whitewater rafting alone.
- know your swimming limitations.
- always prepare and research river classifications prior to departure.
- wear good fitting water shoes.
- never raft in the dark.
- drink and pack plenty of liquids.
- do not drag paddle in the water.
- do not wear cotton clothes as they are slow to dry and cold when wet.
- secure your eye glasses when rafting so they do not fall off.
- keep keys, wallet, camera in a dry bag to protect them from moisture and lost.

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