Spas and Wellness Centres in Canada

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Types of Spas, Resorts & Retreats

Canada spa resorts and retreats provide some top quality treatments with award winning views and scenery. Canada spas and wellness centres provide an opportunity to relax and be pampered while visiting Canada in any season.

Canada spas vary greatly in price, services and quality. There are various types of spas in Canada ranging from day spas to spa resorts to full on 24/7 care in a wellness centre.

Some Canadian spas are stand alone spas while others are specialty spas located within a resort, park or mountain village providing options like accommodations, meals, activities. adventures, tours, guides and room service.

In Canada there are spas located in many of the bigger cities and there are some spas operating in remote wilderness locations. Some day spas operate out of shopping malls, downtown and heritage buildings. And some high end Canadian spa resorts operate from major hotels, national parks, remote islands and ski resorts.

Spa or Wellness Center

What is the difference between a spa and wellness centre? It is simple really... a trip to the spa is spoiling yourself while a trip to a wellness center is taking care of yourself. A spa promotes relaxation and a wellness centre promotes health treatments.

Some of the services a Canadian spa and/or wellness centre may provide include herbal wraps, hot stone massages, body wraps, detox cleanings, manicures, aromatherapy, yoga, reflexology, saunas, reiki, anti aging, facials, meditation and much more.

Spas and Wellness Centres in Canada

Some Canada Spa Tips

- research spas and/or wellness centres for the perfect package.
- ask for information on any upcoming specials.
- research treatments as not all spas and wellness centres are created equal.
- arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment.
- switch off your electronic devices prior to your arrival.
- many spas preach a quiet atmosphere and prefer if you leave the
children at home with family.
- be aware cancellation processes usually include a charge.
- many spas and wellness centres provide a choice of a male or female therapists.
- make requests like the amount of light, type of music, volume, room temperature, talking or no talking.

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