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Birding Seasons

Canada birdwatching is enjoyed best in the fall and spring seasons during migration season. There are hundreds of species of waterfowl, song birds, shorebirds, marine birds and predator birds living in Canada and migrating to and from Canada.

Prime Canada birdwatching season follows the same patterns as the migration routes of birds as they travel, back and forth, north and south, from Canada. There are many communities in Canada which fall under the migration path of birds called flyways.


What attracts birds to Canada are the abundance of wetlands, bogs, marshes, lakes, rivers and oceans spread out across the country. Many are popular birding destinations for resting, feeding and nesting birds.

The birdwatching destinations are sometimes fitted for birding groups. Some Wildlife Management Areas, parks and protected wetlands include hiking trails, birding blinds, lookout towers, information centres and interpretive billboards. Most provide bird checklists for quick identification of the bird species located in the region.

Canada birdwatching is an activity which can be enjoyed on a self guided tour or as part of a group led by an interpretive guide.

Birding Clubs & Guides

For the more determined, experienced birder there are birding clubs and birdwatching guides available in many of the communities in Canada. Birding clubs in Canada often plan regular, scheduled birdwatching adventures throughout the year. Many clubs welcome newcomers who are interested in joining them in their birding experience.

Some tours are birdwatching-only adventures while other popular adventures can include birdwatching like hiking, kayaking, canoeing and boating.

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Canada Birdwatching

Some Canada Birdwatching Tips

- bring hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
- bring camera, video and binoculars.
- pick up a birding checklist from information centres.
- bring bug repellant.
- contact birding clubs for additional information.
- read about local birds prior to your birding adventure.
- wear good shoes.
- contact tour groups for next tour times.
- ask questions if partaking in tours.
- plan your birding destinations.

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