Canada Snowmobiling & Sledding

Canada snowmobile and sledding adventures are enjoyed anywhere in Canada where the snow falls.

Canada sledding & snowmobiling

Canada snowmobiling and sledding adventures are enjoyed anywhere in Canada where the snow falls during the winter and early spring months. There are plenty of communities who provide snowmobile and sledding tours and participate in snowmobile events.

Snowmobiling in Canada is a way of life

In upper northern Canada a snowmobile is, often, the mode of transportation most relied on during the winter season for every day living. After the snow has fallen and the temperatures have dropped many of the recreation trails, bike paths, golf courses, backcountry gravel roads, frozen lakes and rivers are transformed into snowmobile routes. In some regions of our country these routes connect communities and in some cases provinces and territories.  

Rural snowmobiling in Canada

In rural and remote communities there are often snowmobile routes following along the side of highways and secondary roads acting as winter transportation routes. In some remote parts of Canada, snowmobiling and sledding routes follow a gps to navigate the backcountry wilderness as there are no designated routes established.

Canada sledding and snowmobiling tours, guides and rentals

Canada snowmobile tours are provided by companies located in the most popular areas of the country for sledding. Canada snowmobile tour companies provide day and multi day adventures, some with overnight accommodations, entertainment and meals.

Tours are experience and knowledgeable about the terrain and routes. Tours ensure safety as they monitor the weather conditions and avalanche warnings. Day tours provide the snowmobile, guide, lessons and outdoor gear. Multi day tours provide extras like accommodations, entertainment and meals.

Some Canada Snowmobiling Tips

- always snowmobile with a group.
- always leave your departure point and arrival time with someone at home. 
- contact snowmobile clubs for current trail conditions.
- beginners contact a Canada snowmobile tour, guide and/or wilderness resort for backcountry snowmobiling.
- prepare for very cold weather and, sometimes harsh conditions.
- pack a video, camera, tripod and binoculars because there is going to be some amazing scenery.
- always snowmobile with lights on and a tall flag mounted on the back for identification in the hills.
- be aware of snowmobiling on ice - thin ice is deadly.
- always bring spare clothes for after snowmobiling so to keep dry and warm.
- pack a warm hat, neck warmer (scarf) and/or bella clava.
- check for weather and avalanche conditions.
- always stay on the main snowmobile routes.
- wear contact lenses instead of glasses (glasses fog up).
- pack clothes that you can layer (up to four layers).
- tie pieces of ribbon to each zipper so you can zip with mitts on.
- purchase some hand warmers.
- ask questions on what is and not included with snowmobile tours.
- confirm transportation to and from snowmobile trailhead.

Canada Sledding and Snowmobiling

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