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Things To Do in British Columbia Canada

BC Canada attractions, adventures, activities and things to do

Outdoor adventures and indoor activities throughout British Columbia Canada

So many things to do in British Columbia Canada throughout all 4 seasons. The province of BC Canada is considered, by many, as a top destination in Canada for adventure tourism. Therefore, the moderate climate, wilderness scenery, friendly people, as well as, the longer summer seasons and the "powder snow" winters attracts many visitors to our province every year from around the world. 

Things To Do in BC Canada

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Things To Do in British Columbia Canada (Summers)

For the active traveler there are many things to do in British Columbia which grabs headlines in adventure circles. Adventures throughout the summer season includes golfing, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, off roading, house boating, sailing, surfing, canoeing, parasailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, camping and so much more.

Things To Do in BC (Winters)

Canada's second peak season are our powder snow winters. Generally winter season falls in the months of November to March every year. This is by no means written in stone as some seasons are longer and some shorter. It all depends on the arrival of the snow and ice. The adventures winter enthusiasts in Canada enjoy the most include snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowboarding and downhill, cat, heli and cross country skiing.

Sightseeing in British Columbia

Sightseeing things to do covers urban, rural and remote scenery. Some destinations include drive up wilderness reserves, wetlands, museums, art galleries, heritage sites, wellness, wildlife sanctuaries, points of interest landmarks, parks, hot springs, spas, wineries, orchards, flower gardens, theatres and more. So as you can see the list is long, so please utilize this site and plan your adventures respectively.

Things to do in British Columbia Canada

BC adventures, activities, things to do and attractions

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