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Winner! Best Community Development Program (2020-2021)
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Winner! Canada Marketing Program of the Year.
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Ranked #4 Top 100 Canadian Travel Bloggers
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Take back control of your region’s marketing. Have your local population market your community.  The proven Experience Community Program provides the tools, skills and training to target new groups, create new markets, increase economic development, promote local businesses, non profits, groups, clubs and more. (1) Position your community on the first page of Google. (2) Develop social media awareness. (3) Enjoy a community website connected to 100’s of other communities sharing and generating higher traveller visits. 

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Canada Travel Talk Show – April Guests 2021

May 6, 2021/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Travel Talk Show in Canada – March 2021

April 3, 2021/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Small Town Tourism Program Wins International and Provincial Awards

March 17, 2021/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Canada Travel Talk Show – 2021 Tourism Guests (Jan-Feb)

February 26, 2021/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall Dawson City Yukon

February 8, 2021/by Greg "Gug" Girard

2021 Survival Skills for Tourism – Small Business New Year Resolutions

January 3, 2021/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Alaska Highway – Dempster Highway Road Trip

December 16, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

EH? Travel Talk Show – November Guests

December 10, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Canada Tourism – Fishing – Miss Tourism – Cruises – Community

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Whitehorse Yukon Road Trip – 2020 Arctic Circle Road Trip – ehcanadatravel.com

October 24, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Watson Lake Yukon – Sign Post Forest – 2020 Arctic Circle Road Trip

October 11, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Alaska Highway Wildlife Corridor – Yukon Road Trip 2020 – Part 2 of 7

October 4, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Canada Tourism Statistics – Futurists – Expedition – Cree Singer – EH? Travel Talk Show

September 30, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Yukon Road Trip 2020 – Dawson Creek BC and Kiskatinaw Bridge – Part 1 of 7

September 19, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard

Are We Missing An Opportunity For Canada Tourism Recovery Skills Training? 

August 23, 2020/by Greg "Gug" Girard
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