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Canada fishing charters are available throughout Canada in every province and in every territory. Canada fishing lodges offer very popular fishing vacations for avid fisherman. Outfitter stores are a great source for fishing advice.

There is salt water and fresh water fishing in Canada. Travelers from around the world visit Canada to fish for salmon, tuna and halibut on our ocean coastlines and trout, northern pike, sturgeon, pickerel, walleye, arctic char and bass in our thousands of lakes and rivers.

There are fishing seasons opening and closing for various types of fish in certain regions of the country all year. In many areas there are catch limits in place to protect from over fishing. On some lakes and rivers fishing is catch and release only while on other waterways you can keep what you catch for the BBQs.

There are various ways to fish in Canada including angling, fly fishing, trolling and shore fishing. In all instances fishing licenses are required and regulations are strictly enforced.

Fishing Guides

Fishing charters and guides provide the expertise and equipment. All charters provide a boat, fishing rods and tackle. All river guides provide rod, hip waiters and tackle. Some of the other extras that, may or may not be, provided include accommodations, meals, transportation, on site freezers and fish packaging.

Fishing Lodges

Looking for a fishing vacation? There are fly-in lodges located throughout the country. There are ocean fishing lodges on all three coastlines and there are remote fishing lodges located on some of the backcountry lakes and rivers.

Remote Canada fishing lodges may only be accessed via a floatplane , bush plane or long gravel roads. Most fishing lodges provide accommodations plus meals, equipment, transportation, guides and entertainment.

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Canada Fishing Guides, Fishing Lodges

Some Canada Fishing Tips

- bring hat, sunglasses and sun screen.
- must have fishing license.
- Canada fishing guides, tours and lodges provide the best results for visitors.
- fishing guides and tours are available near most popular fishing
- fishing lodges provide equipment, guides and accommodations.
- pack water proof matches and lighter.
- have good hiking boots for shore fishing and hiking to fishing holes.
- always lock vehicle in parking lot while fishing.
- fishing outfitter stores are a good source for fishing advice.
- be quiet as you fish gets best results.
- choose your location well for best results.
- dress in layers as weather changes quickly out on the water.
- check weather prior to fishing.
- switch up your bait if fish are not biting.
- pack a waterproof flashlight.
- do not litter on the water.
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