Selecting a Canada Bed and Breakfast

Canada bed and breakfast vary to a great degree. Some of the determining factors when selecting a Canada B&B are the following: (1) private entrance versus front door entrance; (2) privacy; (3) internet or no internet; (4) private bathroom or shared; (5) self contained or shared house (6) quality and size of breakfast (7) personality of the host; (8) condition of the home (9) close proximity to your activity/event (10) price. Use the provincial and teritorial links above to start your search for your perfect B&B accommodation in Canada. 

Types of Canada B&Bs

Canada bed and breakfasts come in many forms. For instance there are Canadian bed and breakfasts which are operating in historic inns, tree houses, boat houses, long houses, castles, yachts, ranches, mountain chalets, basement suites and, yes, residential homes. All Canadian B&Bs are not the same, nor should they be. Do your research as B&Bs vary greatly in price and quality of service, as well as, good research creates more time for your Canada adventures and activities.

High End B&Bs in Canada 

In Canada there are some very high end bed and breakfast accommodations. What makes them higher end is location, the building it is housed in and the extras. Some higher end Canadian Bed & Breakfasts and B&B Inns provide additional services like a front desk, activity equipment rentals, tours, golf course, restaurant, 24 hour room service, spa, games room, lounge, pool, gardens, pubs and more.

Canada Bed and Breakfasts


Booking Tips

Canada Bed and Breakfasts

- confirm breakfast menus and what time is breakfast? Indicate any specific food requirements for sensitive diets.
- confirm what is the price of the B&B accommodation with taxes included?
- confirm what amenities are included that are important to you like private
- bathroom, private entrance, common room, phone, internet, fridge, satellite tv, size of beds?
- confirm the hours for coming and going?
- confirm parking and security.
- ask if there is a special price for extended nights? (if applicable)
- if allergic to cats or dogs, ask about animals living in or recently visiting with B&B? Ask about all allergies?
- ask for travel tips and confirm directions to the accommodation and nearby attractions?
- What are hours of check in and check out?

... and please mention you booked their B&B on