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Explore the Waterfall HighwayYou have to visit the Arctic CircleRemote Adventure Tours
Explore the Waterfall Highway
You have to visit the Arctic Circle
Remote Adventure Tours

Northwest Territories ( NWT ) Adventure Guide

Northwest Territories, Canada Travel, Tourism and Adventure Website

Plan your next adventure vacation in Northwest Territories Canada.

Accommodations, attractions, tours, guides, activities, parks, trails, places, & more.

Northwest Territories (N.W.T.), Canada is the land of the midnight sun during the summer months and during the winter, the Northern Lights dance across the skies. The seasons are very diverse therefore creating an exciting and unique year round Canada adventure destination.

Land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights

Capital City of the Northwest Territories Canada

The capital of the Northwest Territories is the City of Yellowknife which rests on the northern shores of Great Slave Lake. It is located only 400 kms south of the Arctic Circle. Yellowknife is, sometimes, referred to as the Diamond Capital of North America. 

Northwest Territories, Canada Highlights

Mackenzie River is Canada's longest river (1,738 km - 1080 miles);  Great Slave Lake (second largest lake located within the borders of Canada and the deepest lake in North America reaching depths of 616 metres); Northern Lights-Aurora Borealis (visible 250 days of the year); Inuvik (Canada’s northernmost town); and ice roads (winter roads on ice during winter months); and home to the rarest breed on earth called by some a Grolar (inter species mating of Polar Bears and Grizzly). 

Featured Parks, Trails and Places of Interest in NWT, Canada

Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary (free roaming buffalo); The Wood Buffalo Park (last natural staging area for the endangered whooping crane and the 2nd biggest park on earth); Aulavik National Park on Banks Island (80 000 musk oxen herd); Deh Cho Nahanni National Park Reserve (90m-high Virginia Falls and Canada’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site); Waterfall Highway (series of beautiful easy-access waterfalls all in a row); Dempster Highway (Canada's most northern road); Great Bear Lake (largest freshwater body entirely within Canada); and the Tuktut Nogait National Park (so remote it receives the least tourists in most years in Canada).

Come explore the Northwest Territories adventures, activities and communities. 

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