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Travel the Waterfall Highway
Good Chance of a Bear Sighting in the Northwest Territories
Lots to do in Slave Lake

Northwest Territories (N.W.T.)
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Welcome to the Northwest Territories (N.W.T.).

Northwest Territories (N.W.T.), Canada is the land of the midnight sun during the summer months and during the winter, the Northern Lights dance across the skies. The seasons are very diverse therefore creating an exciting and unique year round Canada adventure destination.

Land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights

The Northwest Territories is well recognized for its majestic waterfalls, legendary rivers, large lakes, river ferries, bush pilot history, sightseeing highways, ice roads, river deltas, wetlands, wildlife reserves, First Nation culture and outdoor activities.

The land of the "Midnight Sun" explores the Arctic Tundra,the Barrenlands, a boreal forest, mountain ranges, the Canadian Shield and the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic ocean is connected to Great Slave Lake via the Mackenzie River. The river is Canada's longest river (1,738 km - 1080 miles) and Great Slave Lake is the second largest lake located within the borders of Canada and the deepest lake in North America reaching depths of 616 metres (2,027 feet).

In the Northwest Territories the largest herds of buffalo roam free in the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary and the Wood Buffalo National Park. The Wood Buffalo Park is also the last natural staging area for the endangered whooping crane. Board a plane and visit the 80 000 musk oxen herd in the Aulavik National Park on Banks Island. There is much more.

An outdoor activity bonanza! There is always lots of things to do. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, birding, boating, sailing are enjoyed on the lakes and rivers of the N.W.T.. The trails, cut lines and gravel roads attract activities like hiking, backpacking and sightseeing. In the air flightseeing tours take you to the far corners of the territory.

During the winter months in the Northwest Territories, the lakes and rivers freeze, the tundra and wetlands are covered in snow. It is during the winter when the recreation trails, gravel roads, frozen lakes and rivers become a winter adventureland snowmobile, snowshoe, dog sled and cross country ski routes. The winter is also the prime time for viewing the Aurora Borealis.

Welcome to Northern Canada!
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