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Canadian horseback riding tours, outfitters and guides

Come and enjoy our backcountry wilderness valleys, plateaus and mountains on horseback

Canada horseback riding tours - Canadian outfitters and guides provide visitors an opportunity to sightsee the remote wilderness regions of our country by horseback. Consequently, every province and territory in Canada provides horseback riding tours and guides. Many operate from wilderness resorts, equestrian centres and guest ranches. 

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Types of Horseback Riding Tours in Canada

Canada horseback riding tours provided by wilderness outfitters, guides, equestrian centres and guest ranches provide many variations of a horseback adventure. However, you should know, that horseback riding tours vary in price, quality and duration.  

Working Ranches

There are horseback riding destinations in Canada which operate as working ranches. At these guest ranches, visitors live a cowboy's life riding horses and performing daily chores around the homestead like the days of the old wild west. You have the opportunity to live and dream like a cowboy or cowgirl. The wild west is alive and well in Canada.

Cattle Drives

Canadian cattle drives are still a reality in Canada. Imagine being part of a team of cowboys and cowgirls driving a herd of cattle across the wilderness backcountry to market. Truly live the life of a cowboy camping out by the fire, eating some grub and sharing stories. In the morning saddle up and continue on. 

When To Go Horseback Riding in Canada

Some horseback riding outfitters provide multi-day adventures, while others provide day trips. However, it is important to note, that most horseback riding tours and guides operate in the peak riding months between April and September. Weather dependent.

What Should I Bring?

Most Canada horseback riding operators provide the basics like a horse, spurs, lessons and a guide. Overnight trips with outfitters usually include tents, grub and entertainment. Visitors should bring a cowboy hat of course, as well as, heeled boots, jeans, long sleeve shirts, sun screen, toiletries, warm outwear, and riding gloves. 

Bring Your Own Horse

For those who bring their own horse there are trails with staging areas designed for horseback riding. These riding trails include hitching posts, wilderness campgrounds and resting areas. Please refer to our parks and trails section for specific areas. 

Where to go horseback riding in Canada? 

There are horseback riding in every region in Canada. However, some of the best known riding destinations include the Chilcotin Mountain Range in British Columbia, the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Algonquin Park in Ontario, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Saskatchewan, the Chaudiere-Appalaches Region in Quebec and the Yukon Territory.

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Some Canada Horseback Riding Tips

Canada Horseback Riding Tours, Guest Ranches

- research horseback riding guides and tours as per your preferences.
- research guest ranches as they vary in price and activities.
- always prepare for weather as conditions change fast in Canada.
- wear good riding boots.
- do not approach or feed wildlife.
- pack plenty of water.
- pack sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.
- always have bug repellant available.
- dress in layers.
- lock vehicle and all items should be stored out of sight.
- always stay on the trail - no short cutting.
- pack out garbage. Do not litter.
- beginner riders should all take lessons.
- trails are shared with other activities in some areas. Keep your head up.