Canada Boating and Sailing

Canada boating and sailing are popular activities on the oceans and lakes of Canada. Some go boating or sailing in Canada for sightseeing while others boat for the thrill of water skiing, tubing or wake boarding.

Marine Tours

Both boating and sailing companies provide, either, day tours and multi day charters or both. The boating and sailing charters available in Canada are some of the best in the world for wildlife sightings and rugged wilderness scenery.

For visitors who just want to relax and let someone else do the work than a charter boat tour is the ticket. A charter boat tour comes with an interpretive captain who is responsible for steering the boat and reading the maps. A multi day boating and sailing charter most likely will include meals, activities, day excursions, accommodations and entertainment.

The prime boating season is during the late spring, summer and early fall seasons. For those who visit Canada with a boat in tow there are plenty of boat launches and marinas on Canada's major waterways.

Self guided boating and sailing groups must be experienced with undertows, currents, changing weather conditions, fishing regulations, reading depth charts, tide tables and maps.


The ocean marinas operate from most of the communities located on the east and west coast of Canada. The lake and river marinas are located in the communities situated on the larger rivers and lakes in Canada.

Marinas vary per port of call. Some marinas are well equipped with ship yards, engine shops, pubs, boat lifts, restaurants, gas pumps, overnight moorage, boat houses, accommodations, internet, showers, power and satellite hook ups.

Boat Rentals

Some rental businesses, resorts and retreats located on the oceans and on the bigger lakes and rivers in Canada provide boat rentals for fishing, water skiing and wake boarding adventures. There are also a few leasing companies which arrange rentals of large yachts and cruisers for multi day adventures.

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Some Canada Sailing and Boating Tips

Canada Sailing & Boating- bring hat, sunglasses and sun screen.
- bring camera, video and binoculars.
- always wear a life jacket.
- laws prohibit drinking and boating.
- be considerate of others.
- always lock vehicle in parking lot while boating.
- pack a picnic for when you find that special spot.
- do not cause waves near public areas.
- follow navigation buoys when boating on the ocean.
- carry tide tables and marine charts when on the water.
- check weather prior to boating.
- beware that weather changes fast on the water.
- tie up boats well when on shore.
- be courteous of others at the boat ramps.
- do not litter on the water.
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