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Canada hiking is enjoyed year round in every province and territory, however, it is largely dependant on weather and geography of the region.

There are thousands of day hikes in Canada which are level, casual and easy going - taking less then an hour to complete. And there are hundreds more tough day hikes which include high elevation climbing, crossing treacherous terrain making them long, difficult and extremely challenging.

There are Canada hiking trails that are in good and bad shape. The popular day hikes which experience high usage are generally the best maintained trails. These trails tend to have trail maps, large parking lots and pit toilets located at the trailhead. Plus... more importantly, these quality Canada trails tend to be well signed with tree markers, flags and painted tree rings.

Canada hiking can be enjoyed with a hiking tour group or on a self guided adventure. All hikers, group or alone, need to be properly prepared for the Canadian wilderness when hiking. Never hike in the Canadian wilderness without leaving notice with someone on where you are and when you will be back.

There are some necessities when hiking in Canada which should not be ignored. It is important to have a good pair of hiking boots, dress in layers and bring a hat, bug spray and sunglasses.

Always make sure to pack water, food, matches, warm clothing and rain gear (especially in the high elevations) for unpredictable weather. Always keep your distance from wildlife. And pack out what you pack in.


Canada Hiking

Some Canada Hiking Tips

- research hiking trails based on your fitness level.
- always prepare for weather as conditions change fast in Canada.
- wear good hiking boots.
- do not approach or feed wildlife.
- pack plenty of water.
- pack sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.
- always have bug repellant available.
- let others know your hiking destination in case of emergency.
- dress in layers.
- lock vehicle and all items should be stored out of sight.
- always stay on the trail - no short cutting.
- pack out garbage. Do not litter.
- do not pick wildflowers or take items from the trail.
- trails are shared with other activities in some areas. Keep your head up.
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