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Why Should I Join The Adventure Seeker Club?

We just completed our 1st year of the club and we are growing fast! As a member of the Adventure Seeker Club of Canada you have an opportunity to participate in playing a part in creating a tourism and travel adventure website built by Canadians. A first in the industry. An award winning concept. And it is the only national adventure travel planning and booking website in Canada. We call it "People Tourism" and it is a good time to be a Seeker!

Participation provides an opportunity to:

1. Win monthly adventure prizes;

2. Win an adventure get-a-way package;

3. Earn eh Canada adventure merchandise;

4. Learn new search engine and social media skills;

5. Meet monthly with fellow Adventure Seekers across the country.

Seekers represent themselves, their towns, regions, country and favorite adventures proudly.

"The BEST thing that has happened in our community in the last 10 years!"

by Shelley Sanders - Canadian Country Music Heritage Society


What Are The Qualities Of A Canada Adventure Seeker?

We can teach and share skills but what we cannot teach having a positive attitude, determination, dedication and consistency. These are qualities successful Canada Adventure Seekers bring to the group. No excuses. Life is great. Lets do this. 

We are looking for Seekers who enjoy any sector of the tourism industry including adventures,  outdoors, culture, history, entertainment, food, transportation, attraction, small business - you get the point. The people who join us are doing so because they want to be part of something great.  

So first decide is this for you? This is not an oh-hum I will give it a try thing. Nope, that will not cut it here. If this does not sound fun, it is not for you. It if sounds like work, it is not for you. 

To play with us you must live in Canada and show up with a commitment to the program, and participate in initiatives, and attend monthly online Zoom Meetings with all Seekers.

Our mission is to create a strong group of like-minded individuals across the country who wish to develop a positive and educational resource for growing sustainable and diverse adventure communities and responsible travel habits.  If that is you, then please feel free to submit an application online to become a Canadian Adventure Seeker . Yes, it is volunteer. Yes, their may be future opportunities for top influencers and quick learners for paid employment in Canada's fastest growing adventure travel platform. 

What Are The Commitments Of A Seeker?

Create and produce quality authentic content on the Travel Talk Community EVERY month.

Seekers must contribute 2 of the following per month minimum:

(1) 600 word story about a Canadian adventure and/or experience (TOP POINTS);
(1) 300 word minimum park, trail, beach, river, lake or historic site information page;
(2) photo galleries (minimum 6 photos);
(2) 3 minute video;
(6) events.

Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Adventure Seeker 

  • Win adventure stuff! 
  • Receive and maintain an Adventure Seeker Profile with photo, bio and interactive features.
  • Working with the co-bro founders, the "Brothers of Tourism", Greg and Colin Girard.
  • Be a part of something special creating Canada's first people-first travel planning website.
  • Build your influencer brand. Direct people to your profiles, social, blog and/or websites.
  • Learn new marketing skills you can apply to your business, non profit or add to your resume.
  • Content connects to your business, organization, association, social media pages.
  • Network with like-minded people with interests like yours.
  • Access to training sessions with experts on content marketing and tourism related issues.
  • Gain recognition as a knowledgeable individual representing your community.
  • Access to participate in virtual online events.
  • Featured Adventure Seeker on our websites.
  • Receive a special Canadian Adventure Seeker Badge for social media and websites .
  • Possibility of employment for those who excel in the program as the company grows.
  • Paid a lucrative Finder's Fee for any business or community you sign up. 
  • Access to the Training Resource Library - Moose Academy (in development)
  • Access to our online shopping mall - Loonies (in development)

Seeker Responsibilities 

  1. To complete online training course.
  2. Participate in 2 one-hour follow up training sessions.
  3. Participate in monthly 1 hour-long information sessions with all Adventure Seekers for adventure sharing, skills training, project updates and brainstorming.
  4. Must attend 80% of meetings. (10 meetings a year) 
  5. Share content created on your personal social media. 
  6. Be proud ambassadors of eh Canada Travel and of each other.
  7. (Priority) Interact consistently on the live scrolling feed on content created by fellow Canadian Adventure Seekers (Travel Talk Community).
  8. We anticipate that Adventure Seekers will be required to commit 1 hour per week throughout the year to meet minimum requirements.Those who show drive, ambition and commitment to excel in the program will be considered eligible for future employment opportunities as we grow.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Applicants must be 21+ years old.
  • Applicants must live in Canada.
  • Applicants must be passionate about Canadian tourism and travel.
  • Applicants must have a strong desire to make a difference in the adventure tourism market online.
  • Applicants must be highly motivated to represent their community/region on our network.
  • Applicants must be committed to participating in meetings and trainings.
  • Applicants must be committed in this new form of tourism marketing.
  • Applicants must show they are learning and always improving.

Trial Process: There is 3 month probation period. At that time, a decision will be made, if the commitments above have been honoured by Seeker and if our relationship will continue.  No harm. No foul. It just did not work out. 

Duration: We ask you commit for 1 year. After 1 year, you may drop from the club at anytime. No worries on our part. You can still continue on your own. Just no monthly campfire chats, training, extra promotions, access to new features, events, projects, etc. However, we have the right to cancel membership at anytime due to non performance, missed meetings, lack of participation and any unruly behaviour. There are annual reviews of memberships for all participants. At that time, we reserve the right to cancel or extend memberships to the Canada Adventure Seeker Club.  

Please note that this is a voluntary position, with no fee to be paid to take part.

EH? Tourism Marketing Group's adventure tourism website, blog and talk show is the largest adventure privately-operated planning and booking website in Canada called The website and blog have been recognized as a top innovator in travel and tourism marketing. "Best Adventure Vacation Planner 2022" Canadian Business Awards by Corporate Vision - "2021 Best Canadian Inbound Travel & Tourism Marketing Business" Lux Life Hospitality Awards - 2021 Canada Prestige Award for the "Marketing Program of the Year" - 2021 BC Economic Development Association "Best Community Project Award (under 20,000 population)"- "2021 Top 100 Global Power Influencer" #cloud Influencers - Ranked #23 "2020 Top 1000 Global Travel Blogs" Global Rise - "Top 20 Canadian Travel Website To Watch (2019)" Feed Spot

EH? Tourism Marketing Group is a digital media company leading the charge in content marketing and storytelling, while providing consulting services, training and programs for tourism, and economic development for small and rural communities in Canada.  
Next Deadline for Submissions is September 30th, 2022. Accepted applicants will be notified by email and/or phone.

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