The Canada Adventure Seeker Club


"It is the best club I have ever joined, because the bar is high
and the quality of people are off the charts." 

 Next Submission Deadline is May 31st, 2023

If you enjoy the Canadian outdoors, adventures, sightseeing, entertainment, food, events, history and/or culture you should join the Canada Adventure Seeker Club. The program has proven to be very successful winning many International, National, Provincial awards and accolades. And we Crazy Canucks are just getting started. 

This is no ordinary club. There are high standards of participation and some commitment required. You see, Canada Adventure Seekers explore Canada adventures on all levels and all must participate. This is not the club if you want to "sit on the fence", do as little as possible, and watch. There are a lot of those clubs. Nope, Seekers love doing, sharing, and helping each other out. We all take photos, make videos, write about it, talk about it and share our adventures online with our followers and travellers. We are a positive group of like minded adventure enthusiasts, who call ourselves Canada Adventure Seekers.  

Seekers can win a monthly prize for top participation. Annually (Canada Day July 1st) top monthly Seeker are entered into a draw to win an adventure getaway. All Seekers learn new search engine and social media skills and meet monthly with fellow Adventure Seekers across the country to talk content successes, new skills and adventures. What is there not to like! 


"What a great tool for growing my blog followers 
and social media channels for free.

  • It motivates you to explore.
  • You connect on many levels with like-minded people.
  • You learn new search engine, content marketing and social media skills.
  • You are rewarding yourself, and you are giving back to your community, region and country.
  • You are published on an award-winning Canada website.

Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Adventure Seeker 

  • Win adventure stuff! 
  • Ideal for Bloggers (include links to your blog, website, book, art, community, etc. 
  • Receive and maintain an Adventure Seeker Profile with photo, bio and interactive features.
  • Working with the co-bro founders, the "Brothers of Tourism", Greg and Colin Girard.
  • Be a part of something special creating Canada's first people-first travel planning website.
  • Learn new online marketing skills.
  • Promote your social media pages.
  • Network with like-minded people with interests like yours.
  • Access to training sessions with experts on content marketing and tourism related issues.
  • Gain recognition as a knowledgeable individual representing your community.
  • Access to participate in virtual online events.
  • Featured Adventure Seeker on our websites.
  • Receive a special Canadian Adventure Seeker Badge for social media and websites .
  • Possibility of employment for those who excel in the program as the company grows.
  • Access to the Training Resource Library - Moose Academy
  • Access to our online shopping mall - Loonies (in development)

"I cannot share enough of how pumped I am in seeing my adventures published on an award-winning national website and I get the credit.

What is the Travel Talk Community?

All content created by all Seekers and participating communities, is posted live, in real-time, on a live scrolling feed called the Canada Travel Talk Community. The travel community publishes everything travel and adventure as it happens from all corners of Canada. There are stories, photo galleries, videos, podcasts, blogs, vlogs and more posted everyday on the community platform.  

To publish to the network one must be a participating Seeker, community blogger and/or paying tourism business. Only Seekers, community bloggers and paying clients have access to our systems and can contribute to the Travel Talk Community, post to the website and be featured on our social media channels. 

All the content links to the author's very own interactive travel profile. All content produced by that author, is posted on their personal profiles painting a picture of their personal brand. Profiles are current and always changing as they engage and interact.  


Am I Up To Being A Canada Adventure Seeker?

A Canada Adventure Seeker is a very special person, one who wants to be part of something new and different online, and one who will keep their word and do what they have committed to with a great group of people with like-minded interests and attitudes. We are looking for Seekers who enjoy any sector of the tourism industry including adventures, outdoors, culture, history, entertainment, food, transportation, events, attraction, small business - you get the point. The people who join us are doing so because they want to be here. We can teach and share skills but we cannot teach having the right attitude. You need to bring that to the group. 

There are some skills required:

Communication - No one, probably not even you, like waiting for people in life, in line or online. How about when people do not answer your emails. Do you like that? We don't. Please, pay-it-forward and commit to communicating when asked with your hosts, guests and all Seekers... because they will with you. 

Determination - Nothing new comes easy. New habits are hard to make. Old habits are hard to break. Trying... well that is just too much work.  If learning and participating sounds like work? If living up to your content and engagement commitments is too much effort? Then this is not for you.  That is OK too. No harm. No foul. We get that too.

Consistency - Your content shows up on the first page of search results, enjoys a large reach on social media, is part of a 16,000 page adventure planning Canadian website and, you are part of a content marketing influencer marketing platform and training program winning international, national, provincial awards and accolades. How? Because it is a group effort and everyone involved is consistent in their participation level. No excuses.  

"I have learned more new internet marketing skills
joining this group than I did at university.

We are not really a minimum type club but here it is anyway...

Seekers contribute 1 of the following per month minimum:

Submit (1) 600 word story about a Canadian adventure and/or experience (MOST EFFECTIVE);
Submit (2) 300 word minimum park, trail, beach, river, lake or historic site information pages;
Submit (4) photo galleries (minimum 6 photos);
Submit (2) 3 minute videos;
Submit (4) events.

Seeker Responsibilities 

  1. (Priority) Interact consistently on the live scrolling feed (Travel Talk Community) with fellow Canadian Adventure Seekers.
  2. To complete online training course. AND leave a review on Moose Academy of the course. 
  3. Participate in 2 one-hour-and-half follow up Zoom training sessions.
  4. Participate in monthly 1 hour-long information sessions with all Adventure Seekers for adventure sharing, skills training, project updates and brainstorming.
  5. Must attend 80% of meetings. (There are 10 meetings a year)
  6. Share YOUR content and SHARE other Seeker content on your personal social media channels.
  7. Be proud ambassadors of eh Canada Travel and the Canada Adventure Seeker Club.
  8. We anticipate that Adventure Seekers will be required to commit 1 hour per week throughout the year to meet minimum requirements.
  9. Those who learn all the techniques for all types of content, engage at an above average rate, participate in monthly meetings, have a positive mind-set and show drive, ambition and commitment to excel in the program over time will be considered eligible for future employment opportunities as we continue to grow.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Applicants must be 21+ years old.
  • Applicants must live in Canada.
  • Applicants must be passionate about Canadian tourism and travel.
  • Applicants must have a strong desire to make a difference in the adventure tourism market online.
  • Applicants must be highly motivated to represent their community/region on our network.
  • Applicants must be committed to participating in meetings and trainings.
  • Applicants must be committed in this new form of tourism marketing.
  • Applicants must show they are learning and always improving.

Trial Process: There is a 3 month probation period. At that time, a decision will be made to continue or not, based on our relationship, participation, communication and engagement with others.  No harm. No foul. This is not for everyone. All access to tools, training and posting will be revoked as our systems are designed for participating Seekers, communities and paying tourism businesses only. 

Duration: We ask you commit for 1 year. After 1 year, you may drop from the club at anytime. No worries on our part. You can still continue on your own. Just no monthly campfire chats, training, extra promotions, access to new features, events, prizes, projects, etc. However, we have the right to cancel membership at anytime due to non performance, missed meetings, lack of participation and any unruly behaviour. There are annual reviews of memberships for all participants. At that time, we reserve the right to cancel or extend memberships to the Canada Adventure Seeker Club.  

Please note that this is a voluntary position, with no fee to be paid to take part.

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Next Submission Deadline is May 31st, 2023. 

Only accepted applicants will be notified by email and/or phone.

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Diana Mohrsen on Monday, 16 January 2023 00:50

Love this site! I finally have a focus for my many photos.

Love this site! I finally have a focus for my many photos.
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