Canada Surfing

British Columbia is located on the westcoast of Canada. It is the 3rd largest province and the west coast of Vancouver Island is a top surfing destination in Canada.

Canada surfing adventures are enjoyed year round. Most Canadian surf shops, guides and surf schools operate on the west and east coast of Canada where the waves are the most volatile.

Some Canadian surfing locations are easily accessible by car and bike while other surfing destinations are more remote and secluded and can only be reached via floatplane and boat.

The best surfing waves occur during storm season in the winter and early spring months. Often as storms begin to roll in experienced surfers are already on the beaches suiting up waiting for the big waves.

The number of surfers on the waves increases dramatically in the summer months because of the warmer weather and the influx of people learning to surf. It is during the summer that the waves are manageable for beginner and intermediate surfers.

In Canada many of the waterfront communities that are near a surfing destination will have surf shops and surf schools. The surfing shops provide rental equipment, wet and dry suits, lessons and, sometimes, transportation. The surf schools provide extras like instruction and accommodations in many cases.

Some Canada Surfing Tips

Canada Surfing

- surf to your abilities only.
- never surf when exhausted.
- beginners should all take lessons.
- surf boards should be suited for your ability.
- become familiar with rips and currents.
- learn to read a wave.
- pick your waves - not every wave is for you.
- respect others on the water and stay clear of each other to avoid
- select a surfing beach suited to your abilities.
- good paddle techniques are crucial for surfing enjoyment.
- surf with leash attached to your ankle.