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Charlottetown Waterfront, Prince Edward IslandThe land of lighthouses. Go on a P.E.I. tour.Prince Edward Island is surrounded by sandy beaches.
Charlottetown Waterfront, Prince Edward Island
The land of lighthouses. Go on a P.E.I. tour.
Prince Edward Island is surrounded by sandy beaches.

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prince edward island mapPrince Edward Island (PEI) is a Maritime province located on the east coast of Canada fronting the Atlantic Ocean. It is the smallest province in Canada measuring 5660 square kilometres (220 kilometres long & up to 6 to 64 kilometres wide). The province includes the main PEI island by the same name, as well as, 231 smaller islands.

Capital City of PEI

PEI is Canada's 23rd largest island. The provincial capital is the City of Charlottetown. In 1864 PEI hosted the Charlottetown Conference to discuss confederation and the formation of Canada (1867). Since that memorable day Charlottetown has been called the "Birthplace of Canada".

PEI Canadian Highlights

PEI (Prince Edward Island) is home to many Canadian highlights which distinguishes the province from others in Canada. Some of the Prince Edward Island featured characteristics include the red sand beaches (high iron content which oxidizes when exposed to the air); the potato fields (PEI grows a third of Canada’s potatoes); the lighthouses (follow the lighthouse sightseeing route); and the delicious seafood (best known for its lobster, tuna, herring, clams, oysters, scallops and mackerel).

Featured Parks, Trails and Places of Interest 

Other tourism highlights of Prince Edward Island, Canada, based on our experiences, include the Confederation Trail (273 kilometre long hiking, biking, snowmobile, xc ski trail); 90+ sandy beaches (820+ kilometres of shoreline); the Confederation Bridge (12.9 kilometres); the 60+ lighthouses and the PEI National Park (40 kilometres of shoreline).

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