BC Fishing Charters, Guides & Lodges 

Fishing lodges, guides and charters located throughout British Columbia, Canada.

Fishing in British Columbia, Canada can be in the ocean, lake or river and there are many waterways to explore. Some are easy access and some fishing holes are located deep in the backcountry wilderness only accessed by boat or floatplane. 

Fishing British Columbia

Sports Fishing in British Columbia, Canada is a very popular activity for many. The landscape of BC is an ideal environment for freshwater and saltwater fishing adventures. Whether you arrive to fish our freshwater waterways or oceans it is advised to purchase your  fishing license online before your arrival. 

BC Lake Fishing 

There are over 20,000 lakes in BC, Canada. Some fishing lakes are located in the remote backcountry of British Columbia with fly in fishing lodges while others are dirt road access, boat only and, many, easy access via paved roads. Lake fishing enthusiasts arrive with road and reel in hand, belly boats, row boats, canoes, boats with electric motors and/or gas powered. Do your research.

River Fishing in British Columbia, Canada

There are said to be over 750,000 kilometers of rivers and streams for fishing in British Columbia, Canada. Fly fishing our rivers and streams attracts visitors from all around the world. River fishing guides have the experience to know which river to fish and where to fish on our rivers. 

Ocean Fishing in BC, Canada

On the west coast of British Columbia the Pacific Ocean is a big draw for salmon fishing enthusiasts. Fishing charters, fishing guides and fishing lodges are located up and down the British Columbia coastline. Just remember to check the regulations and that you need a fishing licence. The fish that receives the most attention in BC, Canada are the Salmon family - Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum Salmon to be exact. And for some they prefer to fish for Halibut, Sole, Rockfish or Cod. Arrive with your own boat, fishing gear and a good map and you can partake in a self guided British Columbia fishing adventure.

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