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Alberta lake fishing, river fishing, fly fishing attracts many outdoor enthusiasts to the province every year to try their hand at catching the big one. There are over 600 lakes in Alberta, Canada with natural breeding populations of fish and there are 300 or so stocked lakes where the fish population is managed by provincial revitalization programs. Add the 240+ rivers and 300+ spring fed creeks and streams and you have a great Alberta fishing experience. 

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Rules To Fishing In Alberta

There are rules and regulations one must follow when fishing in Alberta, Canada. First rule. One must have a valid fishing licence to fish in the Province of Alberta. Many lakes and rivers encourage a "catch and release" program using barbless hooks. other lakes only permit non motorized boats. Some fish can only be caught during a particular time in the season. 

Alberta Fishing Guides and Fishing Lodges

There are fishing guides, outfitters and fishing lodges operating in every region throughout the Province of Alberta, Canada. A fishing guide provides the transportation, fishing equipment and lessons for a successful fishing tale when visiting Alberta. An Alberta fishing lodge provides additional services including accommodations, transportation, meals, fish packaging, fish storage and entertainment. 

Types of Alberta Fish

Alberta provides an opportunity to catch many types of fish including the arctic grayling, lake and mountain whitefish, walleye, yellow perch, sauger, northern pike, bass, burbot and all kinds of trout like brown, cuttthroat, lake, brook, rainbow, bull and golden.

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