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Fishing in the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories, Canada enjoys a vast network of rivers and lakes. Prior to the arrival of air and road travel, the river and lake system in the Northwest Territories was the main transportation route used for travel, fishing and hunting by the First Nations people and the early pioneers.

The rivers and lakes of the Northwest Territories are still very popular for fishing and travel. There are many easy access lakes and rivers for fishing with boat launches, marinas and docks. All highway communities have access to a major river or lake. And most rivers and lakes connect to other rivers and lakes and so on and so on.

What You Should Know About Fishing in the NWT, Canada

Some arrive to fish in the Northwest Territories with boat in tow. Others arrive booked with a fishing charter and/or fishing lodge. All arrive in the Northwest Territories with dreams of catching the big one. Many come to the NWT to fish for northern pike, lake trout, arctic grayling, whitefish, pickerel and inconnu. Some arrive to fly fish. While others prefer to troll up and down lakes and rivers jigging and casting. 

Northwest Territories Fishing Guides, Charters and Outfitters

Many of the communities in the N.W.T. have fishing guides, outfitters and charters. There are also remote fishing lodges on some of the wilderness lakes in the territory like Great Slave and Great Bear Lakes. All fishing requires a N.W.T. fishing licence which are available in the communities.

There are many lakes and rivers to fish in the Northwest Territories. Many of the N.W.T. communities listed on this tourism website provides details, descriptions and pictures of many of the popular fishing lakes and rivers. Listed under each community are the participating guiding companies, fishing lodges and outfitters, their contact information and more photos.

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TRAVEL TIP: Always Contact Fishing Guides & Lodges for the Best Price. Not a booking service.

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