British Columbia Canada Birdwatching

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Birdwatching, or birding in Canada is a recreational activity enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

There are many parks, lakes, rivers and wilderness destinations ideal for British Columbia Canada Birdwatching. Plan your next BC birding adventure in one of our thousands of parks, trails, forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, marshes and wetlands. In British Columbia our birdwatching opportunities change with the seasons so plan your visits well.

Golden Eagle in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia Canada Birdwatching Species

British Columbia, Canada is home to songbirds, shorebirds, waterfowl and predator birds. There are year round residents,  and migrating birds just passing through. There are over 360 bird species identified in British Columbia, Canada. [ Courtesy Breeding Bird of British Columbia Atlas.]

BC Bird Sightseeing

Birdwatching varies depending on the season and on what you want to see. Spring and autumn are often considered the best season for birding. And the good news is that we have many parks ideal for birdwatching. Some birding parks and trails include sightseeing benches, information signs, identification boards, viewing platforms and birding blinds.

British Columbia Bird Species

Some of the more popular bird sightings in British Columbia, Canada include the majestic bald eagle, trumpeter swan, barn owl, whooping crane, peregrine falcon, ferruginous hawk, piping clover, prairie falcon, ruby-crowned kinglet, Canada goose, sandhill crane, hooded merganser, common loon, cooper's hawk, gyrfalcon, red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture and barred owl.

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British Columbia Birding and Birdwatching in Canada

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