Birding in Northwest Territories, Canada
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Birdwatching in Northern Canada

The Northwest Territory falls under the path of many migratory bird routes. Every spring and every fall many birds decide to rest, feed and/or breed in one of the many lowlands, deltas, wetlands, rivers, lakes, estuaries, bogs and marshes located throughout the Northwest Territory of Canada.

Many Birding Opportunities in Northern, Canada

There are ample opportunities for birdwatching when exploring the many lakes and rivers located along the highways and hiking trails in the Northwest Territory.

When driving or cycling watch for gyrfalcons on the Dempster Highway or for sandhill cranes on the Mackenzie Highway. When in the north, near the village of Inuvik, hike to the birdwatching viewpoint called the Tithegeh Lookout. When in Fort Smith look for the white pelicans playing in the rapids when hiking the Slave River Trail. Bring binoculars.

Protected Bird Habitats

Some parks and reserves of the Northwest Territory protect the habitat of birds. The Wood Buffalo Park is home to the last natural nesting grounds for the whooping crane. The Mckenzie Delta is at the centre of 5 migrating flight paths. It is a major staging area for over 100 species of migrating birds.

Birds are Everywhere

Birdwatching is an activity that is often enjoyed while exploring other adventures in the Northwest Territory like canoeing, hiking, rafting, backpacking, boating, camping and kayaking.

Popular Bird Species in the N.W.T.

Some of the birds of the Northwest Territory to look for include the sandhill crane, bald eagle, great horned owl, boreal owl, horned grebe, northern flicker, double breasted cormorant, golden crowned kinglet, gray jay, swamp sparrow, raven, water pipit, whooping crane, loon, ptarmigan, osprey, gyrfalcon, merlin, golden eagle, kingfisher, great blue heron, swan, whimberel, nighthawk, duck and grouse.

Birding Vacations

There are many birdwatching destinations to explore in the Northwest Territory. Too many to list here. However, each N.W.T. community listed on this tourism website provides detailed descriptions and pictures for most of the popular birdwatching destinations. And listed under each community are the participating tour companies and outfitters, their contact information and more photos.

Enjoy your birding in the N.W.T., Canada Eh!

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