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Birdwatching in Alberta is some of the best in Canada. The province falls under a large network of flyways used by many migratory bird species. The many parks, grasslands, wetlands, muskegs, bogs, reservoirs, lakes and rivers are popular destinations for numerous local bird species and act as staging grounds for migrating birds for feeding, nesting and resting.  

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Alberta, Canada Birds

Alberta, Canada is home to hundreds of species of songbirds, waterfowl and predator birds. Over the years there have been over 400+ bird species identified in Alberta, Canada. Some of the more popular bird species in Alberta, Canada include the white pelican, trumpeter swan, bald eagle, burrowing owl, whooping crane, peregrine falcon, ferruginous hawk, prairie falcon, sandhill crane, common loon, cooper's hawk, gyrfalcon, red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture and snowy owl. There are Alberta birding clubs, guides and resorts which provide tours accommodating bird enthusiasts. 

Birdwatching Seasons in Alberta

Birdwatching varies in Alberta depending on the season and on what you want to see. Spring and autumn are often considered the best season for birding. Throughout the province there are various parks and protected wetlands created just for birdwatching and for the protection of some bird species. Some birdwatching destinations include hiking trails, sightseeing benches, information signs, identification boards and birding blinds.

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