British Columbia Wildlife Tours & Reserves

British Columbia has so much to offer if it's a BC wildlife tour you re looking for. Try out that new zoom lense and capture that bear encounter, and the memory or your vacation in British Columbia, Canada.

Wildlife Tours British Columbia


Wildlife Tours

British Columbia wildlife tours are some of the most popular tours in the province because of the amazing remote and rugged scenery and the vast selection of wildlife to view.

Some of the wildlife in BC, Canada is best viewed while with a tour company. Wildlife like whales and bears for instance. Other wildlife can be viewed on tours also as well as on some self guided adventures while outdoors like hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, rafting, kayaking or horseback riding.

The BC tours include an interpretive guide with plenty of knowledge on the local wildlife, history and hidden artifacts in the region. There is much to see and learn about besides spotting a whale. And, remember, whale sightings are not guaranteed.

Wildlife Reserves, Parks, Rehabilitation Recovery Centres

Other wildlife sightseeing adventures in BC are the wildlife reserves, wildlife rehabilitation recovery centres and wilderness parks. Wildlife reserves in the province are an opportunity to view wildlife - usually a protected species like the Khutzeymateen-K'tzim-a-Deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary near Terrace in the North BC region.

Wildlife Hospitals

In the province there are various non profit wildlife hospitals that operate independently providing care and rehabilitation services for injured animals. Some care for all species while others specialize.. for example predator birds. Most operate sightseeing tours of their facilities and sometimes provide interaction with some of the wildlife.


Birdwatching is also another very popular sightseeing activity in the province. There are wetlands, marshes, wildlife reserves, sanctuaries and parks - all promoting birdwatching - some with extensive trail networks, lookout towers, sitting benches, picnic tables, gift stores and viewing platforms. All you require is some good shoes, binoculars and a birding checklist. [ More about Birding in BC ]

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