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In the National Parks of Alberta, Canada wildlife sightings are common. If you have ever had an encounter with a bear, buffalo or big horn sheep, it can be a memory of a lifetime. There are many wildlife tours and guides that are qualified to take you to the best wildlife viewing areas in the province.

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Alberta, Canada wildlife sightings are common when exploring in the province. There are opportunities to view wildlife  on a self guided adventure and there are opportunities for sightings while in the company of an interpretive guide on one of the local tours in the province.

Guided Wildlife Tours

Guided tours provide services and amenities to make your wildlife watching tour more comfortable. Some of the extra amenities include transportation, lessons if necessary, equipment and an interpretive guide with wilderness survival skills and first aid training.

In Alberta, Canada there are flightseeing, kayaking, backpacking, canoeing, off roading, horseback riding and boating wildlife watching tours. And for wildlife sighting opportunities in a vehicle there are many bus tours with stops at popular sighting locations.

Wildlife Viewing Without A Guide

Adventures are enjoyed in many of the parks in Alberta and on some of the rivers, lakes and mountains in the province. Some of the better activities to enjoy wildlife watching include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and camping.

Common Wildlife Sightings

Some of the more popular wildlife sightings in the province include the black bear, grizzly bear, big horn sheep, buffalo, mountain goat, moose, cougar, antelope, caribou, elk, wolves, fox and coyote.

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