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What You Should Know About Hiking In The Yukon Territories Canada

The Yukon wilderness is beautiful but it is also a rough, rugged and an unforgiving country. All backcountry hikers and backpackers should be in good physical condition, are experienced in wilderness survival, be well prepared for unexpected weather conditions.

Most of the longer paved sightseeing walkways are located in the bigger Yukon communities like Whitehorse and Dawson City. These easy going walks are good for all ages and fitness levels. Many are wheelchair accessible. The paved walkways are usually lined with viewing benches, interpretive signs, picnic tables and viewpoints. Many of the paved community paths connect to more trails, wooden bridges, nearby parks, attractions, heritage sites and downtown shops.

The day hikes in the Yukon Territories follow gravel trails, dirt paths and wagon roads. Day hikes range from easy to difficult. Some take all day to complete while some take only a few hours. Day hikes usually lead to a sightseeing destination like a mountain peak, viewpoint, lake or heritage site. There are day hikes which are loop trails and there are day hikes which are one way trails. Trailheads are developed with picnic tables, benches, trail maps, interpretive signs and pit toilets while others provide no extras. Plan accordingly. 

To many the Yukon Territories is a backpacking and wilderness camping adventure. There are many long haul, multi day backpacking adventures leading into the rugged backcountry. There are short overnighters and there are week long backpacking adventures. Routes vary in elevation and comforts. There are trails which follow a designated path and there are trails which follow a direction only.

When backpacking in the Yukon Territories preparation is important. Backpackers should be prepared for changing weather conditions, for different types of terrain and for wildlife encounters. The maintained backpacking trails are well marked and usually patrolled if located within a park. Each backpacking route includes wilderness campsites (sometimes on raised tent pads), a food cache and pit toilets. The two main backpacking parks in the Yukon are the Kluane National Park and the Tombstone Territorial Park. Must register with parks office for backpacking adventures.

One can also backpack heritage routes. It is an opportunity to hike in the same footsteps as the early First Nation people and miners of the Klondike Gold Rush. The Chilkoot Trail, the Overlander Trail and the Ridge Road Trail are some of the heritage routes in the Yukon.

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