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Waterfall hunting - Niagara Falls in Goldstream Provincial Park Langford BC

By Kim Kenyon in Hiking Videos 461 views 30th Apr, 2023 Video Duration: N/A   Goldstream Provincial Park, Langford, BC, Canada

Niagara Falls in British Columbia

Niagara Falls is a waterfall in Niagara Canyon, part of Niagara Creek in Goldstream Provincial Park near Langford, British Columbia, Canada.  

Niagara Falls, Golden Niagara Falls or Little Niagara Falls as it is variously called has been described as a hidden waterfall on Vancouver Island. This is because it is the most spectacular falls closest to Victoria, BC, while being only minutes from the Trans Canada Highway, completely out of sight from the thousands that past by it in their vehicles every day. In fact it only takes about 10 minutes to hike to the falls from Goldstream Provincial Park's Nature Centre (round trip distance is 1.4 km). The path from the nature centre involves walking to the first bridge which crosses either a roaring stream, a trickling stream or a dry streambed depending on the season. As long as it is not a roaring stream one can easily scramble down to the streambed and walk through the tunnel that goes under the highway. On the opposite side of the tunnel it is a short hike down either the streambed or a marked short path to the falls. Depending on the season it can be tricky to get to the falls from Goldstream Park. In the winter when the water is raging it will be impossible to go through the tunnel so at this time of year it is best to use the small pullout parking lot across the highway from Goldstream Provincial Park for this purpose. If traveling north from Victoria, one will need to drive about five kilometres past the park and then take the Shawnigan Lake turn-around route to return to the parking area as there is no u-turn crossing permitted on the highway.

Niagara Falls at 47.5 m is almost as high as its namesake in Ontario at 57 m and while no where near as large, it makes up for lack of water volume by its quiet beauty. A narrow white ribbon splashing down vibrant green mossy cliffs of the canyon into a deep green pool below. The waterfall flows into Goldstream River, a popular salmon migration viewing river, which in turn empties out into Finalyson Arm of the Saanich Inlet. The short upper trail is stroller friendly, but depending on weather the trails can be muddy and fallen trees and eroding cliffs can make getting close to the falls a challenge. Walking along the streambed, depending on time of year, may get you to the closest view.

Unilke the Ontario Niagara Falls at most times of the year you will be able to have the British Columbia Niagara falls all to yourself. it is a pleasant place to soak up nature and have a snack. It is an added excursion bonus to any road trip plan while traversing Vancouver Island. 





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