Sledding in British Columbia
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British Columbia, Canada snowmobiling is a popular outdoor winter activity providing an opportunity to explore all types of snow covered landscapes throughout the province..

Sledding Season in BC

Snow Mobiling in British Columbia, Canada

The season for snowmobiling, typically, runs from December to late April. After the season opens, the snow is on the ground, snowmobiling is an ideal adventure for sightseeing and exploring the winter landscapes of British Columbia, Canada.

Sledding Terrain

Sledding areas in BC cover all sorts of terrain including mountain ranges, frozen lakes and rivers, boreal forest and foothills.

In addition to the groomed trails for snowmobiling there are also many kilometres of wilderness trails leading into the backcountry of BC which become snowmobile routes after the snow has fallen. These trails are less maintained, not groomed and exposed to more elements of danger.

Long Haul Routes

The snowmobile trails and recreational areas in British Columbia are extensive enough that they connect to other nearby provinces. It is on these long haul routes that local snowmobile clubs have erected safety shelters.

Snowmobile Clubs

There are many designated riding areas located in the province. Many are maintained by local snowmobile clubs. The clubs groom the trails, check for avalanches and clear the staging areas.

Sled Tours and Rentals

There are many snowmobile tour companies operating in BC, Canada. Snowmobile tours vary from 1/2 day rides to multi day rides. Most touring companies will include the accommodations, transportation to staging areas and meals on overnight snowmobiling adventures.

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The M.S.C. promotes safe family snowmobiling with riding areas on Thynne Mountain, Stoyoma Mountain, Honeymoon Lakes and the Hooshum Ridge by maintaining a trail system that has been approved and is part of a management agreement with the Province of B.C.

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