Horseback Riding Ontario, Canada
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Horseback Riding in Ontario, Canada is an activity which attracts horse enthusiasts from all around the world. There are horseback riding guides, guest ranches, cottage resorts and wilderness horseback riding adventure tour companies operating in the province.

Some of the horseback riding adventures include pack trips, wilderness trail rides, cattle drives and wagon rides. The tour companies and guest ranches operating in Ontario, Canada provide a varied assortment of services including lessons, guides, horses, riding gear, meals and accommodations if need be.

Bring your own horse and there are some guest ranches which provide stalls and paddocks for accommodating visiting horses. Check first prior to arrival. Horseback riding trails provide an opportunity to explore boreal forests, grassland prairies, wetlands, lakes, river valleys in Ontario. 

There are staging areas with hitching posts located at the trailhead of some of the more popular horseback riding trails in the province. And on the long haul horseback riding trails there are wilderness campsites for overnight camping.

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