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Golfing in Manitoba, Canada is a recreational activity which is well represented in the province. There are over 125+ golf courses in Manitoba with the bulk of the golf courses located in the more populated southern part of the province. Throughout the province of Manitoba many of the communities are located near a diverse selection of golf courses. There are 18 hole and 9 hole courses. Some are private golf courses, others are resort golfing communities and most are public golf courses.

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In Manitoba, Canada the golf courses in many of the communities in the province provide a high level golfing experience. Some of the extra services and amenities one may encounter at some of the golf courses are restaurants, pubs, gift shops, transportation and accommodations like cottages, lodges, rental homes and suites. 

Some of the golf courses in the province will have a course rating or handicap system on file for golfers to access to assist in their selection of a golfing experience. Plan your golfing vacation right and you might be able to enter some of the tournaments held across the country every year. 

There are golf courses located throughout the province. The highest concentration of golf courses are located in the southeast region of Manitoba, followed by the southwestern region. The northern region is not void of courses, as one might think. There are some classic northern golfing destinations golfers will enjoy as well. 

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