Merritt BC Blogging
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Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

Community Bloggers Growing Communities 3 Days of Community Blogging Training Unleashes 4 More Merritt BC Bloggers "... we just completed a second round of blog training with 4 new bloggers (plus 1) who are about to unleash their stories, experiences…
Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada
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Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may not have heard of

Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada Beaches of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Canada "What are the best beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may have not heard of and are worth checking out?"   What are…
2019 Canada Travel trends
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2019 Tourism Trends for Canada –

2019 Tourism Trends for Canada 15 trends and traveler habits we should keep an eye on in 2019 "Emerging 2019 tourism trends are interesting considering all that is happening on so many different fronts domestically, internationally and technologically." Below…
Merritt BC Canada Hammock Adventure
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Merritt BC Canada Campground – Hammock Adventure

Hammock Adventure in Merritt BC Canada Campground Golf cart 4x4ing around backcountry campground looking for ideal hammock location "Merritt BC Canada Campground adventure with the host of the Moon Shadows Campground. We take part in some…
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Are We Missing An Opportunity For Canada Tourism Recovery Skills Training? 

Are We Missing An Opportunity For Canada Tourism Recovery Skills Training?  Is Canadian tourism a reactive industry or a proactive industry?   "Prioritize your tourism business marketing activities for the future and let the…
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Community Development – Community Branding – EH? Travel Marketing Group

Community Development & Community Branding Have the right people. Have the right tools. Have the right training. Have the right attitude. Have success. "Give any small community the right tools, the right training and the right attitude…
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Canadian Travel Talk Show – “EH? Travel Talk Show” by

Canadian Travel Talk Show Tourism talk show is broadcast live from self isolation in Canada "Wow!", "Brilliant", "Great Show!", "Excellent information" and "We need more of this!". Just some of the comments about the "EH? Travel Talk Show". Our…
Community Marketing Program
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Reviews – Community Marketing Training

Content Marketing Training and Feedback "The benefits of giving locals a voice and a platform to share their stories and experiences has such far reaching results." Our community marketing training program shares the necessary skills…
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The Maple Leaf Has Landed – Canada RVing

Canada RVing The Maple Leaf Has Landed  " is riding on the wings of their Maple Leaf RV all the way across Canada"    The Big Reveal You may have seen it already? People are talking about it here in Campbell…

How To Video – Set Up Business Profile 2.0

How To Video - Set Up Business Profile 2.0 Business Advertising Listings and Profile "Create your Business Profile page and make your first post reaching new travelers nationally, globally and socially." Your Business Profile Page We, here…
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Quebec, Canada –

Welcome Quebec, Canada! Quebec Canada Travel & Adventure Communities and Regions "It is one more step to becoming the first Canadian national travel and adventure website on the internet created by travelers for travelers in real-time…


August 2017 TOP 3 CANADIAN TRAVEL INFLUENCERS #CanadianTravelInfluencer "Congratulations to August 2017 Top 3 Canadian Travel Influencers Ryan Steer, One Canadian's Journey and Dean McMurrer. " Congratulations to our Top 3 Canadian Travel…
Canada Travel Stories
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New Feature – My eh Canada Travel Stories

My eh Canada Travel Stories Canada Travel and Adventure Guide "This is called piggy-back marketing. It is a tool enabling you to market your business or personal profile on the back of the popularity of a park, trail or place." We have something…
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How To Make Your First Social Media Post on

How To Make Your First Social Media Post on Step by step guide on getting started posting on eh Canada Travel Website "Now you can market yourself on Facebook and/or Twitter and you do not even have to have a personal Facebook…
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New Product : Canada Tourism Advertising Slideshow Listings

Canada Tourism Advertising Slideshow Listings "The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be." David Ogilvy "Our new listing format has morphed from static to storytelling." has just launched their…
Guest Post
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Guest Post on

Come Guest Post for Canada Become a Travel Influencer for Canada 2 minutes is all it takes to Guest Post and reach thousands of people.  Would you like to guest post on our website and on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest,…
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Event Marketing Season

Event Marketing Season "Personally, because I have inside information and analytics on my side, I would spend an hour or 2 and enter every event in my community." Greg Girard, Chief Tourism Whisperer - co founder Now is a…
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Resizing Photos For Social Optimization

Resizing Photos For Social Travel & Social Media "We see over and over again that people on the internet post some beautiful photos. We also come across the same post on other social media channels and the photo is cut off or the photo…
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POST & WIN Canada Contest Got Canada on your mind. Put it to use and post on and you could win Canada stuff just in time for Canada Day! "So you think you are a proud Canadian do ya? You know our country, your community…
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ONTARIO CANADA TRAVEL WEBSITE LAUNCH Ontario Needs You Now! List Your Business. We have just published the province of Ontario Canada on our award winning website & blog!! Post and Promote. "... this has become an important source of…
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Traveler Choice Awards 2017

Traveler Choice Awards 2017 TOP 10 Tourism Businesses in Western Canada Parksville, BC - Canada Travel is happy to announce the TOP 10 Tourism Businesses in Western Canada. Traveler Choice Awards are the highest honor can…
Traveler Choice Awards 2017
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Canada Travel Names Traveler Choice Awards – Park, Trail, Place

Traveler Choice Awards Canada 2017 Most Popular Parks, Trails, Places in Canada  Canada Travel Names Traveler Choice Awards What parks, trails, activity destinations, historic sites , beaches etc are global travelers visiting the most…
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Province & Territory Canadian Personalities

Province & Territory Personalities When It Comes To Tourism Each Region Stands On Its Own While We All Market Together. Every province and territory in Canada has its own personality. It is only logical in such a large country stretching…
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Cover Me Canada – Cover Photos Depicting The Season Of Canada

Cover Me Canada Cover Photos Best Depicting The Season Of Canada So there are covers of magazines. There are front page headlines on newspapers. There are featured photos on internet news sites. So... why not have cover photos on…