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Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

Merritt BC Blogging

Community Bloggers Growing Communities

3 Days of Community Blogging Training Unleashes 4 More Merritt BC Bloggers

“… we just completed a second round of blog training with 4 new bloggers (plus 1) who are about to unleash their stories, experiences and some Merritt Love. The 4 new bloggers will be joining the already 6 other bloggers as storytellers for the Nicola Valley.”

After 4 months of implementing the community bloggers program in the City of Merritt, BC, Canada the results are very encouraging and motivating! Already the Experience Nicola Valley blogging team have generated over 100+ new Top 10 keyword search results on Google, Bing and other search engines using the program we introduced to Tourism Nicola Valley. Now that is about to increase by 4 more bloggers.

4 New Bloggers Join Experience Nicola Valley Blog 

We just completed a second round of blog training with the 4 new bloggers (plus 1).  A group, I can say,  I have come to know well and admire for their enthusiasm, determination, positive attitude and good will towards Merritt. I am so excited for them! So much so, I am sitting on “pins and needles” in anticipation of reading their blog posts as they unleash their stories, experiences and some “Merritt Love”.  Good people doing good things is a good story. Let us meet these extraordinary Merrittonians who are about to begin their blogging journey. 

Merritt BC Canada Community Bloggers

Merritt BC Canada New Community Bloggers

(left to right) Gerome Garcia (Indigenous Blogger), Morgan Hampton (Farm Girl Blogger), Jordyn Lee (Youth Blogger), Laurie Turmel (Chick Chat Blogger), and Amanda Adams (4 Seasons Blogger) 

Stand Out in the Crowd With Community Bloggers

Sources say there are over 18 million bloggers on the planet. Most blogs never get read nor do they have any resonance on search engines and social media. Why you ask? Because blogging is more than writing on a page. The art of blogging is an acquired skill requiring specific techniques which, when applied correctly, will catch the attention of search engines and scrolling feeds on social media. 

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to sports”

I am fortunate enough to be ranked as a top Canadian travel blogger, a top Canada travel You Tuber to watch and, not to mention, I am also a proud co founder (along with my awesome brother) of Canada’s largest privately-operated adventure travel website – ehCanadaTravel.com.  So, not to toot my own horn, but I think we know a few things which can help small and mid sized communities across Canada. And here is where we are different, we want to share our knowledge not keep it close to our chests. 

Manage Your Community Message & Brand with Community Blogging

If many of our government and community tourism associations want to be self serving and play the politics card then let it be. Luckily not all are threatened by new ideas which they did not create. We, for one, want to help communities thrive, feel and think for themselves. It is 2018 and it is time to move on and keep pace with technology. Why would a community put their fate in the hands of someone else is beyond me?  Today’s technology enables communities to market their brand and control their messaging quickly, effectively and economically through targeted content creation programs. 

“I want to share my knowledge and experience with communities so they can think on their own, determine their own fate and manage their own messaging and brand.”

The past 3 days I have been “power training” a second round of  community bloggers to be effective blog writers and a positive voice for the City of Merritt. It is a lot to learn in 3 days for these new community ambassadors but luckily I believe they have the right attitude to pull it off. Along with the training, the program should make the transition easier for them to pump out effective and interesting blogs. That is what we want, right! The 4 new bloggers will be joining the already 6 other bloggers as storytellers for the Nicola Valley. Please support them as they will do their part in educating travelers and reminding locals on the wonderfulness of Merritt, BC, Canada.

Positive Attitude Plays as Big a Role in Blogging as Technique

We cover many aspects of community blogging in our training courses. Blogging is not for everyone and sometimes, it is better, for a person to walk away than to force themselves to blog. If you do not make the time or you are not having fun blogging then it is not for you. There is no harm in that. You see, blogging should never be work. It should be something to look forward to, not something to dread. One must have a passion for story telling, meeting new people, trying new experiences and exploring to be a good blogger. This is the reason our training program covers positive attitude, as well as, technique. Below is a summary of our community blogging training course.

  1. The blogging landscape.
  2. The future of blogging.
  3. The importance of positive attitude, and positive story telling. 
  4. What community blogging can do for you and your community.
  5. The blogging process.
  6. Introduction to blogging tools and platform.
  7. Blog writing techniques, tips, formats and styles.
  8. Photo manipulation and optimization.
  9. Social media blog marketing.
  10. Goals of the community blogging program.

I see good things for this group and look forward to following them as they embark on this epic adventure. This adventure will take their stories and passions to a whole new level. The traveler and the City of Merritt, BC, Canada are the big winners here. If you bloggers are reading this, I would like to say thank you for being you, that is just how we like it. 

Have a Story, Business, Association to Share Contact Experience Nicola Valley

If you live, work or play in Merritt BC Canada please feel free to contact Experience Nicola Valley with your story. If you are visiting then we would love to hear that story too. 

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