How To Video – Set Up Business Profile 2.0

How To Video – Set Up Business Profile 2.0

Business Advertising Listings and Profile

“Create your Business Profile page and make your first post reaching new travelers nationally, globally and socially.”

Your Business Profile Page

We, here at, are happy to see you here! Learning is the key to keeping up with technology and that is the future of tourism. Not all businesses take the time to keep learning, and not all businesses see an opportunity with funnel marketing, let alone understand how it works.  Not sure why they do not spend the time to learn more since “AWARENESS MARKETING” is a popular  “tourism” buzzword on the internet.

“The top ring of the funnel, the most important part of funnel marketing, is awareness and it serves to spread your message, educate prospects, and cultivate brand buzz for your product or service.” 

Business Profile

“Travelers decisions are influenced by how many times they see your business on different platforms during their research phase.” is all about spreading awareness. Our state-of-the-art features allow our Members to “spread awareness” in real time, when they want and how they want. The more posts, ads, website pages, blog posts you create positioning yourself on search engines and social media pages, the better chances you have of reeling in travelers into your business. The more hooks in the sea, the better chances of reeling in bigger and more fish. 

But first you need to look good while doing it on  That is why we encourage our Members to set up their advertising listings and Business Profile page on All your community, regional and category advertising listings point to your Business Profile. Below is a short video on how to set it up and some of the main update features. 

How To  Create Your Business Profile


Make Your First “Awareness” Post

We will show you how easy and quick it is to make a live post instantly on using some text and a photo, video, audio or events. Each post you create is published on your personal Social Travel Profile, and on the front page of every province and territory on Selected posts are featured on the front page of , as well as, on our popular social media pages with over 35,000+ followers. One post with creates a lot of hooks in the sea.

How to Create your Social Travel Profile Page and Make Your First Post


Lets start off on a fun note, since we Canadians in the adventure tourism industry are known to be fun and a tad crazy.  Starting in 2018 we are encouraging all to start their new partnership with using the hashtag #thisyeariwill in one of their first posts.  After the hashtag  complete the sentence, as well as, add a photo if you can. We will promote it on the front page of our Canada website and on social media. Tag your friends, share and spread the word that Canadians love life and live it too.

For example…

#thisyeariwill hike to the top of Mount Prevost
#thisyeariwill take my family dog sledding for the first time

Social Travel

Community Tourism


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