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Canadian Travel Talk Show – “EH? Travel Talk Show” by ehCanadaTravel.com

Canadian Travel Talk Show

Tourism talk show is broadcast live from self isolation in Canada

“Wow!”, “Brilliant”, “Great Show!”, “Excellent information” and “We need more of this!”. Just some of the comments about the “EH? Travel Talk Show”.

Our Canadian Travel Talk Show is broadcast live from self isolation in British Columbia Canada. Every Tuesday night at 7 PM (pst) Colin and I and a special guest connect on Facebook Live, practicing our physical distancing, so to discuss the issues facing tourism, travel and small town Canada  as we navigate our way around a new reality.

Why EH? Canadian Travel Talk Show

eh/ canada travel talk showIn the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic we were receiving emails and phone calls from clients every day with questions? The clients indicated they were operating with blinders on. They were scared? Where is the direction and leadership from the tourism associations? It seems they were receiving very little constructive communication? In the meantime, their bills were piling up and the landslide of cancellations was crushing them. To be a brick and mortar tourism business just got a lot harder in COVID 19. 

What Can We Do?

Privately operated, we have a voice,  a voice without political spin. Because we have a unique voice, a bank of knowledge to draw on, and resources to tap into, we have information which may help our friends in the tourism industry. In many ways we are well connected to the front line tourism businesses.

The Voices Just Got Louder

The voices of our clients got louder as days passed on by. This prompted us to look for answers.  We called on the experts, futurists, strategists from around the world, as well as, we reached out to people on the front line of tourism and in different sectors of the industry to join us in providing some insight into solving the what, why, how, who and when of tourism under the cloud of  COVID 19.  

Off We Go Into the World Wide Web

April 2020 was our first month of hosting our Canadian travel talk show. Firstly, we reached out to some of our fellow tourism and travel partners and presented our idea to them and asked if they would like to be a guest on the talk show. To date we are booked with guests until mid August 2020! Some are saying we should have 2 shows a week and/or form some guest panels of experts. We know right!?

Greg and Colin Girard are your hosts on the EH? Travel Talk Show

Growing a Canadian Travel Talk Show

“EH? Travel Talk Show ” is morphing into something better every week. We are developing our on-air sets for our live shows, working on the format, experimenting in creating special tourism and travel features, as well as, establishing our very own Canadian on-air personalities.  It is something we are enjoying while in self isolation. The connecting with people. It is powerful.

The gratification we get from the talk show is knowing that we are at least starting a conversation and answering some of the tough questions our clients are asking. We are providing front line tourism businesses with ideas discussing strategy, trends, and tips.  

First 3 Canadian Travel Talk Show Broadcasts 

In the month of April we were joined by 3 special guests on our Canada travel talk show. Each guest brought a new outlook on the state of  the tourism industry and small and rural Canada. Not all was bad news either, as we wanted to discuss positive solutions, ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. Because, in the new normal, the old playbook is out the window and a new playbook needs to be developed. Things are going to be very different when it comes to the tourism landscape, travel habits and travel restrictions moving forward. 

April 7th : Matthew Bailey of Must Do Canada

Writer, videographer, Digital Creative and Host of the Must Do Canada Travel Show

You Tube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 



April 14th : Mary Doyle of Rural on Purpose

Rural Entrepreneurship Writer/Speaker/Program Developer and Creator of Rural On Purpose

LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook



April 21st : Suzanne Cavanagh of Planet Creative Media (Australia)

Director at Creative Planet Media – Tourism Strategist – Tourism Industry Trend Spotter

LinkedIn / Twitter 



Canadian Travel Talk Show Thank You

In conclusion, we are very proud and thankful to our above guests and for the valuable insight they have shared with our audience and industry. Together we are making a positive difference. The new normal will want substance not bright lights, big words and shiny suits. So bring on the substance. 

For those of you who want to smile during these challenging times, please come and enjoy our “Canadianisms”, vast knowledge and positive energy on our show. For those who want to grow and talk ideas on how we work our way out of this crisis then tune in to our guests. And if you love Canada travel, tourism and adventure then join Greg ad Colin every Tuesday 7 PM (pst) on the ehCanadaTravel.com Facebook Live Page 

canada talk show

May line up of guests on the EH? Travel Talk Show

Contact Us for More Information on How to be EH? Guest on Our Show

If you would like to be a guest on our show and have something to offer to the travel tourism and small towns of Canada then please contact us at media(at)ehcanadatravel(dot)com . Please include your employment, credentials, contact information and your area of expertise. 

Join the conversation at #ehroadtrip on social media.


Canadian Travel Influencer post by : Greg Girard

eh canada travel - small and rural community consultant

Small Town Canada Community Consultant / Co Founder at eh Canada Travel

Greg Girard is a co founding brother of the award winning adventure and travel website and blog ehCanadaTravel.com. Greg is also a top ranked Canadian travel blogger who enjoys public speaking, and working with as many small and rural Canadian communities as possible. Greg is an avid outdoor enthusiasts and amateur photographer who enjoys backpacking, road trips, wilderness camping, snowboarding and what he calls hacking (what others would call golf).

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#23 Top 1000 Global Travel Bloggers – Global Rise

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FEATURED ON: CBC, Canada.com, Huffington Post, Nature Conservancy of Canada, TravelTV.com, Travel Industry Today, Cottage Life Magazine, Yukon Life, TAPS Magazine, HUB Magazine and many community publications.

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