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2 minutes is all it takes to Guest Post and reach thousands of people. 

Would you like to guest post on our website and on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr social media pages? Would you like to connect with more travelers, increase your own social media followers, blog readers and website interactions? Now you can! 

When you register as a tourism business, blogger, photographer, traveler or local on you can post directly to our website in real time. First you register as a Travel Influencer on our website, then you set up your Social Travel Profile page with a cover photo and avatar and then you complete the “About Us” page with your contact information, links and social media pages.  

Social Travel Profile

Social Travel Profile

(1) Cover Photo  (2) Avatar  (3) Guest Post

Once your profile is created you can start posting photos, videos and/or content to your Social Travel Profile and that same guest post is automatically published to the live scrolling community walls on the front page of Canada, and on the front pages of every province and territory. It does not stop there either!

Community Wall

Guest Post on Scrolling Community Wall on the front page of Canada


Our tourism marketing system then takes that same post and adds it to a sequence of social media posts which are then rebroadcasted on our Facebook and Twitter pages as Guest Posts. And the momentum keeps growing!

Guest Post on Facebook

Guest Post on Facebook


Guest Post on Twitter

Guest Post on Twitter


If your post is a top weekly post it is rebroadcasted again as a Feature Post on more social media pages depending on the content of the post. Some Guest Posts are rebroadcasted on as many as 25 of our social media pages! Then if you share, they share and we share the possibilities are unlimited on what one post can do for your business, blog, photography and travels. 

All Guest Posts include a link redirecting travelers to your Social Travel Profile on Your Social Travel Profile has a tracker too, so you can monitor which posts are getting better traction and how many new Travelers have viewed your business, blog or photography per post.

The Top Travel Influencer on has generated over 82,000 views since january 2017. 

It takes less than a minute to post to your Social Travel Profile! Top Guest Posts on have been viewed and shared thousands of times introducing your Canadian tourism business, your adventures or your hobby to a larger audience of new travelers. 

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“The ability to promote ourselves online on the best independent and interactive travel website has really grown our business in new and exciting ways,” Toad Hollow

5 out of 5 STARS “As a photographer I have loved working with the team at eh Canada Travel! They are incredibly interactive with posts on the site and work hard to promote all posts on other social media sites,” Marcie Callewaert


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