Event Marketing Season

“Personally, because I have inside information and analytics on my side, I would spend an hour or 2 and enter every event in my community.” Greg Girard, Chief Tourism Whisperer – co founder ehCanadaTravel.com

Event Marketing SeasonNow is a good time to let events do the marketing for your business in what is referred to as Event Marketing Season! It is a well known fact that in Canada many people start planning and booking their summer holidays and road trips between Easter Weekend and May-long Weekend.  All one has to do is listen to the conversation around the dinner table and we hear about the next big trip every family member and friend are in the midst of planning or have already booked.

When people book their vacations, many think 50 kilometre radius. Why? Because day tripping is a big part to any vacation. It is the explorer in us. When on vacation, more often than not, we catch wind of an event nearby that catches our interest… unfortunately we found out too late and they are sold out.  Letting people know about an event prior to their arrival always enhances the chances of participation especially if it falls in their wheelhouse of hobbies and interests.

With us, any event you post to the ehCanadaTravel.com calendar promotes your business, blog or event. Because with us, whoever takes the time to post an event gets the credit on the event page as the expert and their contact information is featured with a logo link. This is Event Marketing. 

Event Marketing Season

You do the math. If an accommodation/attraction/restaurant posts an event or many events, any traveler researching that event, will most likely research the business listed with the event. And… the business is also perceived as an expert about the event, so contact is eminent.

With ehCanadaTravel.com we encourage event marketing. It is free. It is exposing your business to people coming to your community. Now, it is up to you if you want the event to be marketing your business. All posted events, as well as the participating businesses, are promoted on social media, on every province and territory, on the front page of Canada and search engines. 

Every event is listed just once, so the first to post gets the marketing benefits from that event. In our world this is called piggyback marketing. It is a tool which enables your business to reap the rewards of marketing on the back of the event’s popularity. 

Personally, because I have inside information and analytics on my side, I would spend an hour or 2 and enter every event in my community. If done a year in advance that is 1 full year of free marketing. But, then again, that is just me.

Event Marketing Season


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