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New Feature – My eh Canada Travel Stories

Canada Travel Stories

My eh Canada Travel Stories

Canada Travel and Adventure Guide

“This is called piggy-back marketing. It is a tool enabling you to market your business or personal profile on the back of the popularity of a park, trail or place.”

We have something new for those who have registered online and use our social media and social travel marketing tools.

It is called My Canada Travel Stories (Entries)

Now, when you create and add a park, trail, historic site, beach, lake, river, wetland, mural route, picnic site, self-guided walking tour, etc information page to your community on ehCanadaTravel.com it will also show up on your personal “Online Social Travel Profile” page featuring you or your business as the author.  Down the right column of your profile will be a list of your content contributions under the title of “My eh Canada Travel Stories (Entries) “. 

Click live view of One Canadian’s Journey’s “Online Social Travel Profile”

Canada Travel Stories

5  benefits of writing an information page representing your business or personal profile: 

  1. Information page is featured on the “Parks, Trails and Places” page in the closest community and provincially ;
    • the information page becomes part of the website and your business is featured as the expert. 
    • the information page creates an educational ad associating your business to a particular park, trail or place. This is called piggy-back marketing. It is a tool enabling you to market your business on the back of the popularity of a park, trail or place. 
  2. The writer is featured on the information page with an avatar and link to their “Online Social Travel Profile”;
    • View screenshot below.
      Canada Travel Stories
  3. Information page recognizes you as the author by publishing it on your personal or business “Online Social Travel Profile”;

    “Imagine a community Park, Trail and Place Page on our website having 4 or 5 adventure destinations and activities all linking to your business. A little effort and you have 5 additional pages floating around the internet pointing to you and it is free!”

  4. Information page is promoted on our 13 scrolling travel communities in every province and territory, as well as, on the front page of Canada;
  5. Information page is promoted on our Canada Facebook, Twitter, Google+ social media pages promoting your social media account. 

How to write an information page:

  1. Make sure no one else has already written and submitted the park, trail or place already. First come, first serve. Please no duplicates. Be first to post. 
  2. Write 250+ word article about a park, trail or place on a word processing program you are comfortable with prior to uploading information to or website. (Notepad is best as it does not include the formatting which can screw things up when you copy and paste it).
    • research online for facts and specifics. 
    • the more informative and longer the article the more likely it will position better on search engines promoting your business. 
    • article should be informative, assisting travelers, and include facts (such as length of trail, amenities at the beach, type of birds viewed at wetland, history, services, difficulty rating, scenery, vegetation, etc)
    • please try not to make the article all about you. Please do not self promote (you will already be featured with links on the page).
  3. Select photos (2+ is best).
    • preferred size of photos if you know how to resize is 800 X 500 pixels.
  4. Log in to ehCanadaTravel.com.
  5. Click “Continue To Your Profile”.
  6. Click “Add Site Content”.
  7. Select type of content.
  8. Type and then copy and paste your information and photos into the correct fields.
  9. Press save.
  10. Our editing and approval process will review the information to ensure it meets our requirements and maintains a current high standard of quality. Once approved you will be notified. 

Creating information pages is a one-time thing. Once the page is created it markets your profile and/or business in a community parks, trails and places section on our website, on search engines and throughout social media for years to come. It is a working ad promoting your experience and knowledge of your community and adventure destinations. 

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Thank you to those of you who have signed up their tourism business, blog, photography, association or event on ehCanadaTravel.com, as well as,  a big thank you to those of you who registered as a local, Canadian and traveler just because you want to share your Canada. Thank you again for supporting our project, for assisting travelers and for promoting your community, province and Canada. 

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH : My eh Canada Travel Stories by Canada Travel and Adventure Guide. A new tool enabling you to market your business on the back of the popularity of a park, trail or place.

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