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Step by step guide on getting started posting on eh Canada Travel Website

“Now you can market yourself on Facebook and/or Twitter and you do not even have to have a personal Facebook or Twitter page.”

Congratulations on signing up as a Tourism Business, Blogger, Photographer, local or as a traveler on You are now considered a social media “Canadian Travel Influencer” because your experiences and knowledge will now influence traveler’s decisions. You see, unlike any other travel website on the internet, you have access to a selection of  social media marketing tools enabling you to post status updates, specials, photos, videos, events, tips, travel stories and more when you want and how you want every day or week or as you see fit. It is so freaking easy too. It takes under 2 minutes and the results are epic for such little effort.

Below we walk you through how to make your first post,  provide you tips on how to maximize effectiveness and a naughty list of what not to do.

But first, before we go there,  let’s talk briefly about the benefits of social travel posting so you have a full understanding of the benefits. Every post you create with us is broadcasted on the front page of our Canada website AND on every province and territory across Canada on what we call Travel Communities (also referred to as “walls” or “feeds”).  Just like social media pages the Travel Communities on our website scroll down with every new post added to our website.

Each post is also published on your own personal Social Travel Profile on our website for all travelers to see and to follow. This enables your business, your travels, to have a running timeline about your activities over the year. Think of it like story telling. Travelers accessing your profile can now scroll down your wall and read about your story and gain a better understanding of your experiences and knowledge of travel, your region and passions. For businesses this is far better than a static ad on other websites which do not change as your business changes over the year. With us your posts are telling a story about you in real time.

It does not stop there either. That same post is then rebroadcast on our social media pages connecting you with thousands of travelers instantly. The post is published on our Canada Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. Then, weekly we rebroadcast the “Most Popular Posts” on our Canada and regional Twitter pages , as well as, on our national Facebook, and Google+ pages depending on the quality of the post. For the super viral posts we may rebroadcast them on Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn as well. As you can see there is a lot of bang for a 2 minute post.


  1. Login on (top right link)
    Login Button
  2. Enter your User Name and Password and click login.
    Login Codes
  3. Click “Continue to your Profile”. This will open up your Online Editor Social Media Profile page all about you. (PS-If you would like to see what others are posting from across Canada then click on “Continue to Travel Community”. This will open up the Travel Community Page showing all current posts, photos, videos and events.)
    Select Social Media Profile
  4. On your first visit to your profile page we would suggest you spend some time with customization. When you first sign up you start with a generic cover photo and avatar. To change the cover photo (1) click the gear icon (identified by the red #1 on the screenshot below) and select “modify cover” (2) click “upload photos” and a window will pop up. Go to your photo gallery on your computer and select a photo, click on it, and the system will automatically post it on your profile. (3) If you need to reposition the photo on your page go back to the gear icon and select “reposition photo”. (4) Place your cursor over the photo and hold down your mouse key and drag it to your preferred position.
  5. To customize your avatar (identified by the red #2 on the screenshot below) (1) click on the avatar (2) click on “upload photo and select one from your computer photo gallery. (3) click on selected photo (4) adjust the size prior to uploading (5) click save thumbnail.
    Social Media Travel Profile
  6. To make your first post go to the text box on your Social Travel Profile which reads “So what’s on your mind” (identified by the red #3 on the screenshot above).  (1) click on the photo or video icon below text description (2) select photo from your computer or paste in a YouTube URL for video (3) Enter category if it is video (4) Enter a text description with hashtags  (5) click post. That’s it you’re done. 
  7. Follow either our Facebook and/or Twitter Canada pages to watch your posts work magic on social media. 
    eh Canada Twitter Page:
    eh Canada Facebook page:


  1. When posting photos/videos try posting them one at a time for maximum effectiveness. Why post 6 photos in one post and create one post when you can spread the photos out over 6 posts and create 6 posts on the internet. 
  2. Always use #(hashtags) to target specific traveler groups on social media for when we rebroadcast your post.
  3. Activity (#golfingBC) and location (#Kamloops) hashtags are effective for posting. 
  4. A good tourism tip is to create a #hashtag for your business or profile which you include in all your posts.
  5. Because Twitter only allows 140 characters try making your message short and precise so it is clear when we rebroadcast it on Twitter pages. 
  6. All rebroadcasted posts will automatically include your name and a link to your Social Travel Profile on 
  7. There is a tracker on your Social Travel Profile indicating how many travelers have checked you out and/or following you because of your posts. 
  8. Each month we recognize the Top 3 businesses or people “who post the most” on our website with a swanky “Top Canadian Travel Influencer Badge”. Badge recognizes you as a TOP Canadian and can be posted on your website, blog, and/ social media pages. Social Media Travel Influencer

What NOT TO DO on our website

  1. We are a family website. No profanity, nudity or any content deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated. Any abuse of this will result in your account being blocked and suspended. 
  2. Do not spam. Posting many posts one after the other on our website is not good for you nor for our website. Please refrain from posting multiple posts (3 or more in a row) on our website at one time. 
  3. This is not your personal Facebook page. If your post has no benefit in assisting travelers in their research to explore Canada there is a good bet that photo or video is not appropriate on our website.

You are a Canadian Travel Influencer… so go and influence. 


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