Merritt BC Blogging
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Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

Community Bloggers Growing Communities 3 Days of Community Blogging Training Unleashes 4 More Merritt BC Bloggers "... we just completed a second round of blog training with 4 new bloggers (plus 1) who are about to unleash their stories, experiences…
Merritt BC Canada Hammock Adventure
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Merritt BC Canada Campground – Hammock Adventure

Hammock Adventure in Merritt BC Canada Campground Golf cart 4x4ing around backcountry campground looking for ideal hammock location "Merritt BC Canada Campground adventure with the host of the Moon Shadows Campground. We take part in some…
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Small Town Tourism Program Wins International and Provincial Awards

NEWS RELEASE eh Canada Marketing Group Release #018 For Immediate Release March 15, 2021 EH? Canada Marketing Group's "Experience Community Program" Small Town Tourism Initiative Wins International and Provincial Awards in…
Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada
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Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may not have heard of

Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada Beaches of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Canada "What are the best beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may have not heard of and are worth checking out?"   What are…
2019 Canada Travel trends
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2019 Tourism Trends for Canada –

2019 Tourism Trends for Canada 15 trends and traveler habits we should keep an eye on in 2019 "Emerging 2019 tourism trends are interesting considering all that is happening on so many different fronts domestically, internationally and technologically." Below…
2021 survival skills
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2021 Survival Skills for Tourism – Small Business New Year Resolutions

2021 Survival Skills for Tourism  Small Business New Year's Resolutions During a Pandemic We know it’s a challenge and a huge commitment to get your technical ducks in a row. We’re doing it too. And we are here to help. There is no…
Canada tourism october
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Canada Tourism – Fishing – Miss Tourism – Cruises – Community

Canada Tourism - Fishing - Miss Tourism - Cruises - Community - EH? Travel Talk Show October 2020 special guests talk fishing and anglers, beauty pageant and representing Canada, cruise lines and the cruise industry and small and rural community…
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Community Development – Community Branding – EH? Travel Marketing Group

Community Development & Community Branding Have the right people. Have the right tools. Have the right training. Have the right attitude. Have success. "Give any small community the right tools, the right training and the right attitude…
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Canadian Travel Talk Show – “EH? Travel Talk Show” by

Canadian Travel Talk Show Tourism talk show is broadcast live from self isolation in Canada "Wow!", "Brilliant", "Great Show!", "Excellent information" and "We need more of this!". Just some of the comments about the "EH? Travel Talk Show". Our…
self isolation
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Tourism Business Owners – 10 ways to get ahead during self isolation

10 Ways Canadian Tourism Business Owners Should Make The Most Of Self Isolation COVID-19 and the Canadian Tourism Industry "If you build it, they will come" I so love that line from Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams."   Here…
Community Marketing Program
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Reviews – Community Marketing Training

Content Marketing Training and Feedback "The benefits of giving locals a voice and a platform to share their stories and experiences has such far reaching results." Our community marketing training program shares the necessary skills…
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Merritt Blogging Awards

2019 ENV Bloggy Award Presentation and Winners " With so many exciting bloggers heading into 2019, it is a good idea to start voting for your favorite blogger now. " The Merritt Blogging Awards mark the 6 month milestone into our ENV…
Youth Blogging - Merritt BC
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Youth Blogging – Giving Youth A Voice In Merritt BC Canada

Youth Blogging For Merrittonians  Give Our Youth A Voice With Blogging and Provide Them Skills For Real World Careers "The sparkle in their eyes, watching the lights turn on and the thinking process kick into gear gave me goose bumps.…
2018 Summer Travel Schedule
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2018 Summer Travel Schedule –

2018 Summer Schedule  Maple Leaf RV is Coming To Your Town Below is our 2018 travel schedule as we crisscross British Columbia, Canada in our Maple Leaf RV meeting with participating clients, communities, attending events and promoting…
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The Maple Leaf Has Landed – Canada RVing

Canada RVing The Maple Leaf Has Landed  " is riding on the wings of their Maple Leaf RV all the way across Canada"    The Big Reveal You may have seen it already? People are talking about it here in Campbell…
Nicola Valley - British Columbia Bloggers
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Community Blogging Program – Experience Nicola Valley Blog

Community Blogging Program Tourism Nicola Valley launches Experience Nicola Valley Blog "The tourism consulting team at eh Canada Travel work with Tourism Nicola Valley to create the Experience Nicola Valley Blog featuring 9 bloggers." We…

Tourism and Social Media Disconnect

There Is a Disconnect Between Tourism and Social Media  Why is tourism still trying to figure out if social media is worth the effort? "After using social media to research bookings, only 48% of travelers stuck with their original plan" There…
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Canadian Award Badges

Canadian Award Badges Your Accomplishments Are Always Recognized "With each badge you achieve it is posted on your Social Profile" New to are our Canadian Award Badges. When you update your advertising listings, your business…
Canadian Travel Influencer
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Searching for Canada’s Top Canadian Travel Influencer in 2018

Canada's Top Canadian Travel Influencer The search is on for Canada's Top 2018 Canadian Travel Influencer ( #CanadianTravelInfluencer ) "The 2018 top tourism business and non business participant on at year end will…
Canadian Travel Influencer

Canadian Travel Influencer Rules & Regulations

Canadian Travel Influencer Rules & Regulations ALL FEDERAL, PROVINCIAL, LOCAL AND MUNICIPAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS APPLY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. 1. Eligibility Win a $300 Gift Certificate or Tourism Business Advertising Package (the Contest)…