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Small Town Tourism Program Wins International and Provincial Awards

NEWS RELEASE eh Canada Marketing Group Release #018 For Immediate Release March 15, 2021 EH? Canada Marketing Group's "Experience Community Program" Small Town Tourism Initiative Wins International and Provincial Awards in…
Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada
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Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may not have heard of

Best Beaches in Atlantic Canada Beaches of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Canada "What are the best beaches in Atlantic Canada that you may have not heard of and are worth checking out?"   What are…
2019 Canada Travel trends
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2019 Tourism Trends for Canada – ehCanadaTravel.com

2019 Tourism Trends for Canada 15 trends and traveler habits we should keep an eye on in 2019 "Emerging 2019 tourism trends are interesting considering all that is happening on so many different fronts domestically, internationally and technologically." Below…
Merritt BC Blogging
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Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

Community Bloggers Growing Communities 3 Days of Community Blogging Training Unleashes 4 More Merritt BC Bloggers "... we just completed a second round of blog training with 4 new bloggers (plus 1) who are about to unleash their stories, experiences…
Merritt BC Canada Hammock Adventure
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Merritt BC Canada Campground – Hammock Adventure

Hammock Adventure in Merritt BC Canada Campground Golf cart 4x4ing around backcountry campground looking for ideal hammock location "Merritt BC Canada Campground adventure with the host of the Moon Shadows Campground. We take part in some…
year in review eh canada
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Year In Review – eh Canada Travel Style

eh Canada Travel Top 10 Highlights For 2019. Accolades & Best Moments Of 2019 No better time for a year in review eh Canada Travel style than now. I mean... come on, it is 2020 already! Seems like just yesterday, I was playing in…
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Hixon – Prince George BC Campground

Canyon Creek Campground and RV Park "Their campground is always green, beautiful and very well kept. Even if they do not know it yet, Merv and Kim make the campground great not vice versa." It has been just over 10 years since we have…
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BC Parks & Fountain of Youth – BC Road Trip Part 4

Our Day Trip Adventure Visiting Crooked River Provincial Park in North BC "I just checked in the mirror and I ain't getting any younger. There goes that fountain of youth angle." We awoke from our slumber, in Dome Creek BC with visions…
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Prince George & Vanderhoof – BC Road Trip Part 5

Mr. PG and then Day Tripping to Vanderhoof BC "Mr. PG is a legend in BC mascots. He has been around for a long time and hasn't aged a bit." Today we are going to take a day trip to Vanderhoof BC, before we settle in at our temporary base…
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British Columbia Road Trip -Part 1

Exploring BC Canada in the Maple Leaf RV "How you handle the adventure within the adventure determines the outcome of the adventure." We, meaning my brother and I, are embarking on a 2 week British Columbia road trip. Yup, time to bond…
September Road trip
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September Road Trip Schedule – ehCanadaTravel.com

2018 September Road Trip Schedule  The Next Chapter Of Our #ehRoadTrip  "The Maple Leaf RV is covering some big kilometres for the wrong reasons in 2018. We are going to correct that in September." Below is our 2018 September Road…
MOving Satellite Office
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On The Road Again – Moving Satellite Office

On The Road Again Moving Satellite Office From Revelstoke to Vancouver Island "Hello Vancouver Island! Woot! Woot! We are baaaaaack!" It has been 8 years since Colin and Greg (co founding brothers of ehCanadaTravel.com) sold their belongings…
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Salmon Arm BC Golf Course – Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course

Salmon Arm, BC Golf Course Golfing with Sonseekers Golf Course Recently the "eh Team" Brothers of Greg and Colin Girard were invited recently to test their drive, chip and putting skills at Sonseekers Ridge Golf Course in Salmon Arm, British…
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The History of the Cowichan Sweater – eh Contest & My Childhood

The Cowichan Sweater Contest, History & My Childhood "In my world the Cowichan Valley was and still is the Cowichan Sweater Centre of the Universe." For us here at ehCanadaTravel.com the Cowichan Sweater is a great symbolic contest to…
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Tree to Tree with Skytrek Adventure Park

Tree to Tree with Skytrek Adventure Park "Our biggest challenge during the day with Skytrek Adventure Park was keeping our emotions under control. We did not do that very well. You know how big kids can get. We hooted and hollered through the…

“Why Live in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada?”

Revelstoke, B.C., Canada (a.k.a. Revy) "Why Live in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada?" Travel to the Kootenays and book, plan and research your travels to Revelstoke via our website at : www.ehcanadatravel.com/british-columbia/kootenays.html Since…

Eves Provincial Park + Friends = Good Times : 2013 Research Road Trip

Hooked up with an old school buddy in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada for some historic recollection. laughs and adventure. He is a best friend of EH Team Brother Greg. He is a man of many nicknames. But…